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The Rogue Crusade consists of Tinkers, Makers, Alchemists, Gamers, Storytellers, Story Lovers, Fantasy Fans, and Magic Makers located in Appalachian and Central Ohio. We LARP, we Cosplay, we Read, we Make Things.

We're breaking barriers between Fandoms and making Fantasy socially acceptable in our every day lives.

Sound good to you? Awesome! Read on, fellow adventurer!

This all began as a "Throw it in a pot and see what cooks up" Etsy experiment by Graphic Design Artist Jess Thompson of Gallipolis, Ohio. After a fateful dinner with her cousin Jasmynn Heiskell the Soap Maker, it's slowly built into exactly what the name implies: a Rogue Crusade to make the world a little more magical, one story at a time.

At this time it consists of a website, a few Etsy stores, and a Studio Space in Downtown Gallipolis where their creations are ending up for people to peruse and enjoy, but we've got bigger plots. We are a bit gnomey at heart, after all.

So we're calling all our local and long-distance Rogues, Players, Loremasters, Tinkers, Game Masters, Storytellers, Artists and World Builders to join in our crusade.


Glad you could join us today! How can we help you?


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