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The Rogue Crusade is setting sail again into the realm of the internet, this time finding a space for quite a bit more adventure. Welcome to the new Friendly Neighborhood Storytelling Shop.

The Rogue Crusade Is Back Online!

It took us a long while to figure out exactly how we wanted to move forward. For a long time we tried to hold on to elements of our pre-COVID business model. Then we tried to cut back to bare-bones, a shell of what we once were. But we can do better than that, can’t we? We’re epic adventurers, and this is a brave new world.

So now not only can you shop our Homemade, Handpicked, and Eye-Designed loot exclusively here at (and at conventions in the Mid to Southern Ohio area when that’s allowed again), but you can also read our stories, join our community, explore our developing online world, and take part in our adventure! 

Every item we make and design has a story, and our stories are reflections of our everyday lives. This is the new Friendly Neighborhood Storytelling Shop.

Join The Rogue Crusade Community

When you make a purchase at The Rogue Crusade, you will have the option to join our Community and take part in our online Adventure! Just register at checkout! For a limited time, you can purchase the Test Product for $1 to get in at the ground level while we build the world and kick out the Gremlins.


Follow The Rogue Crusade Story.

Setting Sail! (Almost)

“ALRIGHT GUYS LET’S SHOVE OFF!” The gnome shouted as she slapped the last screw she happened to have in her pocket onto the ship. “Are.

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It’s all quite new, and being worked on all the time. Echo The Pixie (Jess’s Personal Assistant) is now making frequent updates on Twitter should you be interested in following along!