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Bard Song Blue Passport Traveler's Notebook

Interested in having a manageable sized notebook for your LARP Spellbook? Just want something you can hook to your bag or belt for sketches and notes? Want it in a fabulous shade of blue that invokes the feeling of deep bardic magic and the mystery of song? Jess has two of these Passport Sized Traveler’s Notebooks in stock right now to be bought and shipped to you.

You might notice us posting our loot in the coming days. We’ve worked out a method of listing our stuff on our website that makes it more an ongoing story. The crew can’t be trusted to make the same exact thing twice, like ever. So from here on out we’ll be posting our batches and beauties as they come in and are ready to be shipped.

And we’ve got a room full of loot in the studio that’s been waiting out the storm of 2020 that is long past ready to go.

So if you’re not interested in these updates, I suggest unfollowing. Because they’re going to be a regular thing for a while! Plus stories to be read.

We call it. . . the Shopstagram.

Stay tuned!

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Tinker Faerie Lemon Scented Charisma Bonus Fragrance Spray

Everyone in the far realms knows that if you’re seeking an entrance into the Fae Wylde, a telltale sign is the delicate yellow flowers known as Fairybells. So rare in this world that no one seems to have ever heard of them, the small blossoms smell exactly like a lemon drop candy, though the taste requires some glamour to make them palatable. This makes them a popular choice for the cottage gardens of certain witches who like to trap children with sweets, though the requirement of wild Fae Magic makes them extremely difficult to cultivate.

Nevertheless, our alchemist has a ready source for the blossoms and uses them regularly in her concoctions. Popular among children, the magical yellow charisma bonus potion makes a great gift.

- Fragrance, Dipropylene Glycol, various dyes and micas for special magical touch
- 3.8 fl oz
- Shake this bottle up for a magical shine! Sparkles will be subtle, hardly noticeable once on your skin!
- Sprays have a long shelf life, the scent will stay just as strong in the bottle.
- A little goes a long way!

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Green Holstered Wand of Barkskin Wondrous Wand

This batch of wands have come straight from Jess’s lab, hand sculpted with an epoxy resin and painted to look like woodsy, tree-handled magic wands. There are three in this set, each unique, and you will be sent a random one from the batch.

Each handmade wand comes with a looped leather holster, also handmade by Jess. This is a relatively new development that she’s still fiddling with, so there will likely not ever be a set quite like this again!

Use your wands for your Harry Potter themed cosplay, your woodsy Earth Mage LARP character, or just display it in your wild-themed room where it will bring you an earthy energy every time you look at it.

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Lock & Key Gear Necklace

Every bit and bobble on this one of a kind necklace by our Chainmailler Denise is made of a lightweight metal, from the gears to the rings. There’s enough shiny mechanical goodness on this Steampunk-inspired jewelry to make the heart of any gnome or artificer of any of the races flutter and skip a beat, beautifully assembled without a hint of actual practical use. While this might irritate those of more logical mindsets, the artistry makes the rest of us quite happy.

This is an individual, handmade piece. There will never be another quite like it.

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Green Lokiboi Number 3

This particular breed of Colbie’s dragons developed quite accidentally in a subconscious homage to one of her patron deities. The very first one was born with huge, curved back black horns, and the rest of the crew said “Um, Loki much?” And Colbie shouted to the Chaos God of Nordic and Marvel fame for his appearance in her work without her consent. Not exactly a surprise to anyone, it just is what it is.

This little bundle of chaos energy is made of sturdy faux suede, stuffed tight with hand-painted eyes, and will be an excellent partner in crime for an adventurer with a mischievous streak!

Please adopt soon. . . little fellah's giving the shop pixies ideas. . .

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Captain’s Log: Getting Back Online

Jess has decided that she’s simultaneously a genius AND an idiot.

We’ll be trying something with our storefront that is a little apart from the norm, because of course we are, and that’s okay. If you’re here to shop for all the stuff we have in the Loot Room, stay tuned, that’s coming.

You’ll notice that this isn’t a buyable product, and that’s part of the current experiment. At the moment we’re just trying to figure out how to keep telling our story.

Now that it’s 2021 and the world hasn’t ended.

But ya know, I did get this beautiful studio set up, finally, in the midst of all the craziness and radio silence. My lovely Support Ranger built these amazing shelves, and we’ve been playing the occasional game with our Friend Pod when the Plague’s been at bay.

So while we haven’t been online, we’ve still been active. Just taking the last year to reflect and survive, just like everybody.

Anyway, getting on with it.


Tree to be Planted

by on Jun 25, 2020. Price Starting At $ 1.00.


Tree by One Tree Planted

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The Rogue Crusade's Gift Card

by on Apr 7, 2020. Price Starting At $ 10.00.


Select an amount above and you'll receive an E-Gift Card emailed to you that you can forward on to the lucky recipient!

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I'm gonna level with you. We were extremely bummed about Symposium.

The makers on board, myself included, were working their tails off making journals, wondrous items, dragons, chainmail trinkets, soap, lip balm, fragrances, and a lot more. We were high-fiving each other and getting really excited as the loot began to come together. It was going to be amazing. I was (and am) so proud of us.

Then bam. Symposium was rescheduled.

Then bam. Pendragon's was canceled. Bam and Bam. Causeacon and Rathacon were rescheduled.

So here I am. Sitting in the middle of our dining room every day, surrounded by the fruits of our labor, just staring at it all, meditating on what to do next.

What's a nerdy gnome to do?

Gotta admit, I wasn't expecting to hit tinkering on the website and shipping stuff so hard until we'd been out and about a few times.

I scrambled quite a lot to get boxes, make sure we had labels and tape. I'm very close to having a shipping station sorted and very soon I'll be shipping out the dragons bought by Colbie's Cosplay Friends, who completely surprised us by buying online before I was even close to ready because their con was canceled. They were 100% our heroes that night as we started seeing everything get canceled and rescheduled and I can't wait to send these dragons to them.

And now? Well, now I'm going to start listing all this amazing loot on our website.

It's going to take me some time. We were EXTREMELY busy, and I don't even have Jasmynn's stuff labeled yet. (It took us a while to figure out how to get it here from Dayton). But the website is ready for it. Some old favorites and some new treasures are waiting to have their picture taken and stories told, and I'll be posting previews on Instagram and here in the coming days.

In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of Shopify's gracious gift of making Digital Gift Cards available on the level of store I have to help with Covid-19 relief. If you can spare the cash, you can get a jump-start and be ready to get the loot of your choice once it's listed, or you can forward it on to a friend who would love what we make and might need some inspiring encouragement. Either way, Denise, Colbie, Jasmynn, and I, and the rest of our crew and families, would be forever grateful.

We have been seeing so much go by the social medias, both wonderful and sad. These are scary, uncertain times. Please continue to stay home, say safe, stay smart, and support your local small businesses in whatever way you can. Even if it's just a share of what they're able to offer right now, or just a word of encouragement.

Thank you all for following our adventure so far.

Much love, and happy (socially distanced) questing.

- Cap'n Jess

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