This entry is mostly a test, not of the emergency broadcast system, but of Jess’s latest website endeavors, and I am impressed. BUT, I digress.

Tea & Shenanigans, as we knew it, has ended. For me, and possibly a number greater than one of us, this came as something of a relief. Despite only meeting once a month, because of other commitments and outside responsibilities and just the sheer nature of reading whims, several of us were behind at least one book in the Temeraire series, and some of us weren’t able to find the time to read what ended up being our final book, Good Omens.

And you know? That’s okay. Because life comes first. And sometimes, other hobbies and interests do, as well. We had a really good turn out for our final formal meeting, and everyone was able to join in a discussion that ranged from Neil Gaiman to Stephen King to chain maille to I don’t even know what. It was an excellent afternoon spent with like-minded friends, and that is never a waste.

Looking forward, we want to take Tea & Shenanigans and let it morph into the blogcast it was meant to be, with the group sitting around a table with some microphones, talking about books and taking whatever path our conversation leads us. There’s no timeline for this, though, so hold tight and just keep an eye on the Rogue Crusade’s various social media channels and this website.

In any case, keep on reading what you love and remember: there’s no shame in quitting a book when you just can’t get into it.


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