About The Rogue Crusade


A Nerdy Graphic Designer & Her Geeky Massage Therapist Cousin Decided To Join Forces. . .


Jess started this journey with an Etsy Store in 2014 where she put up some of her designs for download “just to see what happened,” and about a year later her Dayton Cousin Jasmynn asked if she could sell her soap for her. The quest blossomed from there, combining their lifelong love of fantasy and adventure with their inherited make-things-aholicism.

Begun in Historic Gallipolis

For two years we embarked on a mission to be a safe space for nerds of all kinds in Gallipolis Ohio, and that really jumpstarted our endeavor. This is Court Street in the early 1900s! There’s a lot of this old-world charm still to see when you #VisitGallia.

Now, Jess & Jeremy still live in Gallipolis and the nearby Loremasters still meet here for studio work, but we’re starting to travel in order to reach more like-minded adventurers and quest chroniclers!

Gathering A Crew

The Rogue Crusade consists of Tinkers, Makers, Alchemists, Gamers, Storytellers, Story Lovers, Fantasy Fans, and Magic Makers located in Appalachian and Central Ohio. We Roleplay, we Cosplay, we Read, we Make Things.

We’re breaking barriers between Fandoms and making Fantasy socially acceptable in our every day lives.

Meet The Crew

Those who readily offer their assistance whenever the need may rise, and have continued to do so without fail since they first came aboard. There are a few not pictured here who are more background assistance (for instance, Best Friend of Jess/Wife of the Photographer Jennifer), but these are the faces you’re most likely to see when we’re out and about these days, or consistently put in a tremendous amount of *something* to make the Crusade possible.

Our Sister Ship, The F.F.S. Mutineers

The Rogue Crusade is very closely affiliated with her Sister Ship, the F.F.S. Mutineers. Mostly managed by our Ship’s Alchemist Jasmynn and her Ohana Mates Stephen and Tori, we sponsor and participate with the Steampunk Airship as part of their Social Club and Competing Team at the Cincinnati Steampunk Symposium.

It’s a grand time full of debauchery and creative ways of winning. Rule #1 is “Whatever is Most Entertaining,” and therefor any number of things might happen, including by some miracle winning the whole event fair & square two out of the three years we’ve participated as an airship. The year we didn’t win we gave all our points away to the 2nd place ship to make the landslide win of #1 a little less landslidey, just to see what happened.

Pretty sure they made a rule about that for the next year.

But in any case, that’s the general theme of the Mutineers. We are pirates after all. But we’re underdog pirates who like to see things be fun and fair for the most people possible, and are mostly there for the impossible stories we can tell in the aftermath, and the genuine interest in the wonders people are capable of. All in the name of our Captain, “Captain Lucky.” Michael tells that story much better than I.

Most airships are bound by borders, we tend to not be. With members from Southeast and Central Ohio, Indianapolis, Michigan, and Wisconsin, we welcome anyone who doesn’t mind communicating via internet and coming up with most of our schtick at the last minute in the competitions.

©2019 The Rogue Crusade - An Ongoing Work In Progress. Badge Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY. Inspiration Icons made by smalllikeart from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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