Though friends come in many forms, few are found truer than the common Halfling. These often introverted individuals are known by many names–Halflings, Hobbits, and Smallfellows are among the more typical selections–and vary in shape and size just as much. Despite their general aversion to socializing though, Halflings are naturally drawn to social events offering an opportunity to enjoy vast assortments of food and drink, as many fancy themselves a gormet. In addition, though some prefer remaining a recluse, others answer the call of adventure, or rush to aid their friends regardless of the cost.

Today, we salute the smaller adventurers with kind hearts and a love for food! Without them, our lives would be duller, our taverns less lively, and our cuisine quite bland.
Don’t forget to enjoy Second Breakfast and a glass of sweet cider in celebration of the Halflings in your life!


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