Rogue Crusade Life Hack #0001: Google Chrome Typewriter

by Jess Thompson on April 17, 2017

Rogue Crusade Life Hack #0001: Google Chrome Typewriter

So, I'm on the Google Chrome Store completely by accident, and I find the Typewriter Sounds extension.

The Good Google Chrome Typewriter Sound.

"Well, that's interesting," I think to myself. "I'll give that a try." Obviously I'm thinking it'll get annoying after a while, so I'm pleased to see there's an easy on-off switch in the toolbar. Then I go about my day.

48 hours later, the little "ding" sound when I hit return (which is "enter" for you PC peeps) is still making me smile, and the tippy-type is actually kind of soothing. . . says the gnome.

It doesn't do the sound when you're in a large text-area, like the box I'm typing this post in right now, but it makes it on any regular text field- like the title field, or the search bar of a website, or a social media reply box (and, as I've said before and will say again, FB needs all the help it can get).

But the point is, it's not a never-ending constant thing, just enough to be enjoyable. Plus the on-off switch is easy to get to.

Typewriter Sound Easy On & Off

I'd probably not install it at work with actual people. I can see it driving Mr. Beach insane. . .

Jess Driving Mister Beach Crazy With Tippity-Typity Computer Noise

But I have zero regrets on the install on my home work computer. And. . . ya know. . . if you want to pull some shenanigans. . . :)

Either way- enjoy!