2/3/18 - Wolfslayer, Chapter 2: Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper?

2/3/18 - Wolfslayer, Chapter 2: Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper?

"Wolfslayer" is a 5e Campaign DM’d by Jeremy (aka Bob)

  • Usual Days: Saturday Evenings
  • Player Level: Moderate, Beginner-Friendly
  • Tone: Traditional Fantasy, Lots of Comic Relief, Low-Mid Commitment
  • Current Character Levels: XP 700, Level 3
  • Current Characters: Air Genasi Bard, Cleric, Two Human Fighters, a Drow Cleric, a Drow Fungi Druid, and an Elf Wizard
  • Read the Introduction: Here

This is the featured game of the night on Saturday Evenings, taking up one of our 6 person tables. If you're interested in jumping in, this is a good one for that! Keep an eye on the Rogue Crusade Players group for when we have openings. Bob's games usually last a few months and are full of grand stories to tell.

This will leave our other 6 person table, our two 4 person tables, and our 2 person table still available for bringing some friends in to play a card game, board game, or to start your own campaign during game hours!

Claim your seat to play a DIY game here for free today! Just select the day you can come in and hang out and check out to check in. ^_^


Now, On With The Story:


While our crew rested outside the "abandoned" fort in order to prepare for the huge number of animated sets of armor and floating swords for such a young group of adventurers, they were surprised by the approach of a stranger.

This human fighter shared information with the rest of the group that he had gleaned from one of the very sisters our Bounty Hunter had brought them here for in the first place.

It seemed the woman had come to his home. He'd invited her in, she attempted to rob him, there had been a scuffle, and in the fight a lamp had been knocked over and his old life burned to the ground. The Lane sister had fallen to a fatal head wound, but before she died she shared with him that there was a woman locked in the fortress that he should seek, guarded by animated objects that would lose their ability to harm them if taken outside the range of the spell.

Familiar with the fort, and with his home and business destroyed, the Blacksmith decided to come and discovered the ragtag group camped outside trying to figure out how to get past this seemingly impossible obstacle.

The new fighter pulled some string and cookies from his pack and pieced together a sort of map on the ground, showing the group where the back door to the fort was that led to exactly the building within that held the woman they sought.

With a plan somewhat in place, the group went to the back door, where only a floating sword stood in their way. Wolfslayer the Bounty Hunter decided to catch one of these swords to use against the suits of armor.

Which worked. Almost.

Catching the sword caught the attention of a suit of armor from BEHIND the fort, and the sword itself seemed to want nothing more than to cleave itself through Griff's head.

The wizard having got some command of his spells, and the addition of the new fighter made this fight a bit easier than the last, and without too much casualty this set crumbled to the ground like the last.

The Genasi Bard decided she'd peak around the back of the fort to see if any more threats loomed outside, and found only a giant pile of dented armor pieces. Deciding she wasn't of any immediate use with the group, she thought she'd just drag the un-animated suit to lay to rest with its brethren.

Followed by the Cleric, they decided to take the opportunity for a little "shopping." Unceremoniously dumping the fallen foe onto the pile, they started digging through the pieces searching for something that would be an appealing fit. These things are important to bards. There was nothing in particular that looked up to standards, except a set of armor shaped like a bikini at the very bottom. They'd heard tales of wondrous armor such as this that provided a magical type of protection, unfortunately this was not such a set, and therefor quite useless.

Unbeknownst to them, their racket in the pile of steel plate called out another suit of armor through the back door on their allies.

Eventually hearing the sounds of battle, they went back 'round the corner and helped where they could. Once that nonsense had been taken care of, they discovered their party had melted and bent the sword and stuck it in the ground.

Best to not ask questions.

It was about this time the two fighters decided to pull on the defeated armor in order to disguise themselves well enough to head to the building and the woman inside.

With the wizard using mage hand to float in the Bounty Hunter's blade (but not before the Bard put the mark of a sad face on the bent sword to float behind them first), they successfully made it to the door, and the woman inside.

The woman inside was human, filthy, with teeth filed to a point. She looked at the two suits of armor hastily thrown on incredulously. When Wolfslayer announced that they weren't really the animated armors, she replied "I can tell."

("aren't you a little short to be a storm trooper?" could be heard in the distant parts of their minds, followed shortly by "Carrie Fisher, Rest In Peace" - then the thoughts were quickly forgotten.)

When she was told to come with them, the woman glared at the fighters and slammed her hand on a spell book, causing a huge flash of light and a loud boom, temporarily deafening the Blacksmith, calling the attention of the casters.

The Bounty Hunter attempted to tell the Blacksmith to pin the woman to the wall, but he misunderstood, and with a deep breath and a battle cry, crashed through the wall, almost running into the Cleric.

From outside the building they could see that the remaining suits of armor and floating swords were all heading toward the building with the fighters. They stood ready to defend the building if need be, but felt all hope was lost. They could barely defeat one, a half dozen would be impossible.

Fortunately the Bounty Hunter, not knowing the situation outside, assumed the book was controlling the woman and destroyed it- causing another sonic boom, and the threat of animated creatures fell lifeless to the ground.

The woman was knocked out, tied up, and pulled outside.

She was remarkably unhelpful the next morning. While it turned out that she was not, in fact, the second Lane Sister (as far as they could tell), the nameless enchantress with a holy symbol they'd never seen before said she'd been in the fort to hide from the sisters. She thanked the Blacksmith for taking care of half the problem for her. When asked where the second sister was, she said she'd been delicious, and that her bones were in the graveyard just outside the city.

While the woman gave the majority of them the heeby-jeebies, she gave no indication of having done anything that concerned them, so they let her go.

The wizard did not return her things.

Before leaving the fort they explored the rest of the buildings, there was a slight incident with a not-so-friendly magic carpet in which the Bounty Hunter almost died, and they're once again camping outside the fort.

The current plan is to return to the city to collect the remains of the Lane Sisters in order for the Bounty Hunter to collect his bounty. It's a good thing the assignment said alive or dead. . .

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