Full Moon Sky Report: What to Expect in January

by Gentleman Of Fortune on December 12, 2019

Captain's Note: Greetings adventurers! We've been doing a lot of planning for 2020 aboard The Rogue Crusade in preparation for our new Traveling Adventure (set to embark in March!) While chatting with the crew, our Chief Ambassador (that great Lady Lucy who's always sharing our posts) shared that she's got decades of Astrology Research in her XP bar, so we thought we'd add a little segment that's all up to her! 

We've got a lot of cool stuff in the Chronicle Keepers for you! Dragons are being hatched and designs are being prepped and soap is being cut and stories are being planned. So to kick off our new adventure, have our first Full Moon Report, where The Lady Lucy shares her interpretation of what to expect from the Story of the Stars!


January's Creative Astrology Report:

January seems like a month of changes, after our busy holidays of last month we are thrown into a month of us trying to make our new year different from our last. 

On the 3rd Mars will move into Sagittarius giving us wanderlust abound! A small trip or two might be a good idea this month because we will be itching to break our normal routine. While we feel the urge to start new projects, we seem to not be feeling the urge to finish them, sadly. Maybe that will be next month *fingers crossed* 

The 10th brings us a Full moon in Cancer, so we will at least be at peace with not finishing those projects. Healing from the old wounds of last year might finally start to begin, maybe with a nice bubble bath or a relaxing day with a book.

Uranus finally starts going direct again on the 11th, putting an end to the rebelliousness and drive for liberation we might have been feeling. Sadly we'll lose some flexibility too.

Venus moves into Pisces on the 13th and will bring out our forgiving and compassionate nature. A longing for something we can't quite put our finger on will nag us also.

The later part of the month is a big one for Aquarius with Mercury on the 16th, the Sun on the 20th and a New Moon on the 24th. Our hunger for knowledge and new ideas might overwhelm us at times. This would be the perfect time for out of the box thinking and new inventive ideas. Thoughts will flow with spontaneity. 

Communication could be a little fragmented at times and we could be a bit more liberal with what we are sharing, but openness to our ideas will be strong. 

January 2020 seems to be a month that will help motivate us to make those changes we feel we need and give some recovery from the hectic holidays. Hopefully, we get the chance to take advantage of it.

The Lady Lucy

Lucy is a high-level Wild Mage adventurer that we are happy to have on the crew, and has been one of the Captain's best friends since high school. She's most recently been recognized for her incredible weight loss journey through DDP Yoga and other healthy changes she's made on the quest. She's a don't-give-an-f free spirit mother of two teenage warrior princesses and her beloved animal companion Yorkie, and is ever accepting and encouraging of people of all wild walks of life.

Disclaimer: Most of us at TRC at least find tools typically used for divination fascinating on a creative and psychological level, if not as a tool to communicate with the Divine. For us, the archetypes and symbolism associated with the planets and cards and runes are a tool to self-analyze and problem solve, a way to open up ideas and look at things in a way we may not have thought to otherwise. We are creative people who naturally look for ways to process things creatively! We harbor no judgment toward anyone who believes one way or the other about such things. We just want to make sure to say that as far as our interpretations go, “these are more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules.”