May Not Be Coffee.

May Not Be Coffee.

The last three months have been all about playing catchup.

Not going to get into any details, but this is always appropriate.

So. Three months. The last quarter of 2015. Catching up with certain things I’d intended to do all along. The t-shirts, mugs, and printed posters have been in my planner for entirely too long, so this kind of thing has been popping up in the new products more than anything else. On just about a daily basis.

Well, if you’ve been paying attention, I’ll likely be going quiet for the rest of the week.

Why? Well. . . when I bit the bullet and got myself Adobe Cloud, between all its new features and my folder full of requests in Etsy, I have a pretty big list of things to do to the Planner Pages. Organization also needs to be done. So I made myself a new template file and will be ploughing through all the pages from now until the new year to clean up and add a few new items.

And with that, ladies and gentlegnomes, I believe I’ll be completely caught up to where I wanted to be in 2016.


This is going to take a lot of coffee. And just coffee. . . To the art boards!

In the meantime, enjoy these mug designs that just had to be made to give me a well-rounded feeling start to this line of gift-type work. A roguish twist on the “This Coffee May Contain [insert type of alcohol here]” cups. Plus one for any very sad pirate.

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