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How To "Pick Up" Your Rogue Etsy Downloads At RogueCrsuade.com

April 11, 2017

How To

After experimenting with three different shopping carts, five different download services, and a crash course on how spreadsheets work- we've FINALLY developed a reliable system for getting items bought on Etsy into RogueCrusade.com.

Until Etsy changes stuff. But we'll deal with that when we get there. We are NOT changing ships again any time soon. We like Shopify. And now we know. Like, really really know. And knowing is half the battle. (G.I. Joe.)

Why would you want to have access to files here in addition to where they are on Etsy?

Well, I'll tell you. With a numbered list! 

  1. Automagically get an email when I update a file here at the dot-com, and have access to the new file here. (I can't make that with Etsy, unfortunately).
  2. If you bought a Lady Jane page design before "The Great Darkening Of 2015," you'll have access to the newest version. (slightly darker shade of grey, tightened up the layouts)
  3. When you sign up for an account here, you'll automagically be rewarded with sign-up bonus Shiny Points that you can use on purchases of more yummy downloads (or whatever you want)!***

Aren't numbered lists groovy?

How To Get Your Goodies

The best way I could come up with to work this out is going to require you to "buy" (but it's more like "pick up") the items you've bought before on the dot-com site.

1. You'll need your "Transaction ID" from your Etsy receipt for each item you've bought. This number is unique to you and to each of your items.

Here's a screenshot of a mockup download I bought to show what you're looking for. 

2. At roguecrusade.com, add ONE of the items you bought from me on Etsy to your cart (available files listed below), and proceed to checkout (yes, with just one).

3. Use the Transaction ID THAT MATCHES the item in the cart as a discount code. It'll take 100% off your total, making the item free.

4. You'll have to do this once for each item you've bought from us on Etsy, but once it's done you'll get the benefits of having access to your files at the dot-com site! Just go to your account page and click the download link.

This is going to result in as many emails from us as you have downloads x 3 (telling you about your downloads, thank-you emails, and receipts), which I realize is kind of a bummer. HOWEVER, each of those receipts will have a totally legit 10% off coupon that you can use on the dot-com and/or share with your friends. So there's that for your trouble! :)

The Updated List of Available Downloads.

We're going to keep this list updated as we get downloads ready for pickup! Check back to see if your files are ready, then follow the steps above to grab the goodies.

Should Something Go Wrong

We did our best to make this machine work as smoothly as possible, and it's been tested and confirmed to work by a super cool customer (check out Lauren of Hello Planners, she makes stickers!). However, there's always a possibility of gremlins in the cogs. Should you follow the steps above and you can't seem to get your goods, let us know via Email or Facebook Messenger

***Slightly Unfortunate Etsy-Related Shiny Points Disclaimers

Unfortunately, since you're technically spending $0 here at the dot-com, we can't hand out shiny points for past purchases. You'll get the sign-up bonus, and shiny points on any future purchases, and in any of the other ways we have to earn them once you're signed up.

Also, shiny points are only good for spending here at the dot-com, and if you happen to buy from us in person in Gallipolis, Ohio (or wherever we happen to be set up). You can't use your generated coupons on Etsy. *sadface.

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