5 Gift Ideas For Geeky Kids

5 Gift Ideas For Geeky Kids

Geek children are simultaneously the easiest and the hardest people to buy gifts for. While very young, it’s easy: a stuffed animal, something Disney-related, a toy truck, a doll, something that makes noise and won’t choke them if put in their mouth. Easy. But as they grow and develop distinct personalities, their own likes and dislikes… Well then, geek-friends, buying gifts for that geek child is suddenly like trying to decide what to get your Uncle Dennis, who has everything and likes nothing, for Christmas. There is a solution, and I am here to lead the way.

Unlike your hypothetical Uncle Dennis, the geeky and nerdy kids in your life don’t have everything, which does make your job easier. If you’re really strapped for cash, a dollar store is a great place to buy gifts, from their very own mug for hot chocolate to toy soldiers to a fairy princess costume. I won’t lie, there have been Christmases when I purposely bought dollar store items for my nieces and nephew. I filled stockings with everything from crayons and coloring books to candy and small toys. They loved it. I loved it. Everyone loved it.

BUT, if you’ve got a little more money budgeted for the holidays or birthdays or ‘just because’, then I have a few items that might make the miniature artist, dragonologist, and mad scientist in your life happy. You might be thinking, “But Marcum, it’s only July! I’ve got six months until Christmas! And five months until Hanukkah! It’s too early!” But I say to you, have you been inside of a store in August or September? Forget Halloween, they’re already trying to get you into the holiday spirit, with Christmas trying to break free of the few aisles they contain it to until mid-October. And further, I say to you, birthdays happen all year round, without thought to whether a gift-giving holiday is around the corner or not. And these treasures I’m about to share with you are certain to brighten the eyes and fill the imaginations of whatever small younglings you have about you.







1. Dragon Plushies.This little charmer is only one of many being hand-sewn by my fellow Loremaster and friend, Colbie Beaver. Each one is lovingly fostered by her niece, Skylar. Just today, one of the dragons we had up for adoption was adopted! But this wasn’t before she took a bit of time to explore the shop, try on some of the costume pieces, and take a nap on a pile of pillows. Check the website often, or stop in to see if we’ve taken in any new arrivals. 

2. Inspired by her baby dragons, Colbie conceived, wrote, and illustrated the first book in her Dragon Hatchery series, Sky and the Hatchlings. This children’s book is utterly charming and fun. It also features a cameo by our leader, Jess!



3. For those young geeks who are adventurous of spirit, we have goggles! Steampunk goggles, to be precise. These are also suitable for mad scientists, and come with colored acrylic lenses.


4. The artists in your midst will be super happy to get these whimsical and fun crystal crayons. They come three gem-shapes, and while they don’t quite sparkle, they will add some shine to your artist’s day!


5. And finally, is your youngling showing signs of a hidden talent for magic? If so, then they’re going to need a wand soon, to aid them in their developing their abilities. Jess has several wands to offer the discerning young producer of magical mayhem.

    There you have it! Five top-of-the-line, shiny gift ideas to help ease the burden of shopping for birthdays, holidays, and any other special occasion. If you know someone who might be interested in what we have to offer, please share with them! And if you’re in the area, please come visit us!

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