It’s Mutiny! Mutiny I tell you! “Jess, you’re here all the time!” they say. “Jess, you should really take a break” they say.

Well, they won. The scurvy crew won.

I’ll be spending next week not at the shop, making new art and reading a book. Probably The Collapsing Empire. Maybe I’ll actually finish a book club book. . .

It’ll be torture. (kidding, not kidding)

BUT! In the meantime. . .

The ladies Jess Marcum and Denise Madriz of our Loremasters Guild have graciously offered to watch 61A Court Street from 1 to 5PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So if you’re anywhere near Downtown Gallipolis and are wanting to stop by, that’s your window of opportunity!

AND, since this is something of a “Loremaster Takeover,” anything reading & writing related in the shop and online will be 15% off for the days I’ll be gone.

That includes:

  • Books (Duh)
  • Notebooks
  • Planner Page Downloads
  • The new D&D Books! (!!!!)
  • Our new Traveler’s Notebook covers
  • Book related tote bags & gifts

Check out the Tea & Shenanigans Collection to get a peek at what will be on sale.


I have every confidence in their abilities. It’ll just be hard to be away for a whole week, and you can be sure I’ll be around online.

I expect some activity on The Lady Marcum’s Instagram account!

Good luck out there, and happy adventuring.

– Cap’n Jess


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