We do a lot of experimenting around here.

Ever since the first Etsy Store, it’s been all about throwing things to walls and seeing what sticks.

Over the last two years we’ve kept and maintained a Brick & Mortar in our hometown of Gallipolis, and it was a fantastic experience. We met wonderful people, made some great friends, and learned a lot about what we did and didn’t want to do as a business.

At our core we decided that there’s really only two things we all want to do:

Make Things & Tell Stories.

With those two things as our core for everything we do, I’ve dug into some of my roots as a WordPress designer, and added in some of what I’ve learned in all the other systems I’ve tested in the last two years for myself and for the couple of clients I’ve continued to work for, and put together this site that I hope will help us accomplish those two core goals for a long time to come.

Those of you who have followed along so far, thanks for playing along! We’ll be taking the making and the telling along with us as we take our weekends and travel to where we know our people are!

Some things you should know:

If you’ve ordered from us before and you want to log in on the new website, you’re going to have to reset your password. Once you do that your order information and your Shiny Points will be in your account!

Speaking of Shiny Points: We’ve got LOTS of new ways you can earn them, and now only one way you can spend them. And that’s by actually spending them. Shiny Points are now built up to use as an in-store currency on the site! (which is what I really wanted all along)

Just because we don’t have a back room, doesn’t mean we can’t have a back room! The thing we agreed on that we’d miss the most was the community we’ve built of friendly, honest, accepting nerdy folk in the back room on Court Street. I really wanted to have an online alternative to that now that we no longer have the Brick & Mortar. It’s pretty quiet as of now, but it’s there for planning your games, telling your stories, and sharing your projects!

We will have a Code of Conduct written up for the community soon, but the bottom line is: Don’t be a jerk. We want to see the amazing things you’re doing and hear about the amazing characters you’re creating. Be considerate of others, and think about your audience. Let’s use this space to lift each other up and find common ground in a world that’s so often trying to beat us down and divide us.

Jazi, Colbie, Denise and I are still making and selling things! We’re still working on moving out of the space and putting together a new studio atmosphere, but we’ve had a lot of practice and have tested a lot of loot in the last two years, and we’re clearing out the junk and focusing on what works. Stay tuned for the progression of our “art.”

Also keep checking the calendar. We’ve only got two events planned that aren’t going to be until March, but I’m doing a lot of research and putting together a new schedule. We WILL be doing this traveling thing!

Etsy’s coming back. Since we’re focusing on selling what we make, Etsy has a triumphant return right around the corner. Keep a weather eye out for that.

That’s most of it, I think! Thanks for following along.

Happy Questing!

-Jess Thompson


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