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Captain’s Log – A Blank Page

The world is a scary place right now. After a lot of struggle trying to do things the old way, I finally decided to hang things up, store all our loot safely, and go questing for a new ship.

I landed in this. . . Well, it definitely seems to be a town. But it’s completely empty. It has no people, no creatures, no items, not even a name. But it’s definitely not a ghost town. While everything has an aged aesthetic, it also somehow feels new. No ghosts to be seen. Even the world, if there is a world out there, seems to be fresh.

Like a blank canvas waiting to be filled. A story waiting to be told.

The strangest thing of all, amongst the other empty buildings are a few that seem to be intended to be shops. Not so strange in itself, except that above each of the doors is the name of one of the brands of our own crew. From Jasmynn’s Spifiltwip & Co, to Denise’s Mystic Maille.

I’ll have to call in more of the crew to investigate.

We may even decide to move in.

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