So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog update.

But omg it hasn’t been a while since I did a site update.

In FACT there are so many new things going on around here it’s difficult to know where to begin.

But let’s just start with where it all began:


I am 97% sure that all the downloads that are currently on Etsy are FINALLY also on the website! 



I’ve reeeeeeeeally wanted to have a collection of legit geek loot on our shelves, and we’ve found an amazing supplier to get us started on that goal! We’ve added scores of t-shirts for all our loves, including Harry Potter, Princess Bride, The Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit and DC Comics. Jess didn’t design these, but we’ve carefully selected designs that fit our story, so check them out and see if anything makes your heart go “SQUEE!”

An unfortunate tidbit, though- we can only ship these in the US due to licensing restrictions. Sad times in the [United] Kingdom (and elsewhere). Hopefully someday that will change!


We’ve got the back room done enough to start sharing it with our ever-growing Geek Tribe! We’re starting with letting people come in and play when we’re playing our weekly D&D games, and a couple of cool classes and activities! As the weather continues to warm up we’ll have more to share, so make sure you Like the Facebook Page to keep up with our events!


This is going to get posted EVERYWHERE. But now that we’ve had the Workshop open a while and we’ve tested the waters, we’ve decided to shift our store hours to TUESDAY – SATURDAY 11ish – 7ish. So we won’t be open at all on Sundays and Mondays.

Like ever. 

Shenanigan Studio hours will vary until further notice. So make sure you follow the events on the Facebook Page if you’re interested in the afore mentioned games, events, and classes. 


There’s been so much behind-the-curtain website and social media work done in the last several months it would absolutely bore you to tears. So I’m gonna skip all that and just share with you that it’s all been to lay the groundwork for so much more stuff.

My sketchbook is full-to-bursting with quotes and ideas and page layouts and and and. . . I’m actually going to get to start MAKING THINGS again. Oh glorious day!

In the next several months we’ll be filling our physical and digital shelves with loot, filling the Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr stages with our story and loves, and inviting you on adventures with us!

So if you’re new here, WELCOME ABOARD! If you’ve been here before, click all the buttons and explore with an adventurous spirit! 

Let’s do the thing!

Happy Questing,


p.s. – if you’re exploring the website and come across anything that appears to be a bug, don’t hesitate to hit the little blue Messenger chat icon and let me know! I’ve “hired” a new “Shop Pixie” to help get you connected. She’s still new, but I’ve taught her several tricks, and she’s eager to learn. Just hit the buttons to talk to her, and you can say “Humans Please” at any time to have her come find us. <3


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