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1 Charisma Point

In the group of races that feel themselves to be “Old-Souls,” elves have a mysterious, elegant, delicate air about them. Elves are the ones who seek the “Finer Things” in life, from ballet to opera to fine art and dining to perfect wines and exotic teas, while also enjoying the serene peace of sacred places like quiet paths, still pools, and forest groves. Whether they find themselves settling in a forest setting or an artful cityscape, elves are purveyors and creators of deep beauty.

There are four branches of Elfdom, the Golden Elves of the sun, the Silver Elves of the moon, the Bronzed Elves of the Woodlands, and the elves of Ashen White and Greys who once loved starlight and now live in darkness.

1 Required Step

  • You gazed into the fountain of reflection and decided to be an elf.