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1 Constitution Point

Rogue Crusade Goblins more closely resemble World fo Warcraft goblins than any other. While a gnome can be shown the err of his ways and will learn from his mistakes, and a Kobold can be convinced that he may be going too far for the good of the pack, a Goblin has no use for such restrictions. The goblin is ready and excited to strap himself to the rocket to get to the other side of the road, unless one of the other goblins is more ready than him. Crude or just plain weird senses of humor, short fuses, and more likely to tip the chess board than play it through, Goblins are a reckless sort.

Playable goblins have recently undergone a transformation at the hands of Cursed Elves looking for secrets of Fae Immortality, and are what are known as “Enhanced” Goblins. These are much more intelligent and a little more sophisticated than their Dirt Grubber cousins.

1 Required Step

  • You gazed into the fountain of reflection and decided to be a goblin.

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