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1 Empathy Point

Often thought to be the “Boring Default Race,” the Rogue Crusade maintains that humans are anything but. They are uniquely adaptable, clearly focused, and remarkably hardy creatures who are able to form strong emotional bonds with anything from other humans to their toasters. They’re natural explorers and fiercely loyal to their tribe, and in the case of time-honored tradition tend to “hold on tightly but let go lightly.” We’re big fans of our human Kin.

Humans are semi-nomadic and exist throughout the world, but the most ancient cultures that can really be called human are the humans of the Northwest in the DaNi nation, the Native Mages of the Western Jungles, the Islanders in the Central Ocean, and the Horse Lords of the East.

1 Required Step

  • You gazed into the fountain of reflection and decided to stay a human.

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