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1 Dexterity Point

If a gnome is a miniature, wild version of an elf- a kobold is a miniature, wild version of a Dragon according to the realm of the Rogue Crusade. From the short-fused fighting chromatics to the sneaky and charming metallics, a Kobold can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, there is very little room for in-beween. Gnomes and Kobolds have traditionally been fierce enemies in many realms, but in the Realm of the Crusade they have recently found common ground through a mutual love of tricks, wit, and larger than life schemes. More a friendly rivalry than a fierce war.

Kobolds live in two major cities, both called “Kobopolis” and “The Other Kobopolis,” depending on which Kobopolis you’re in at the time. One is in a cave system in the Eastern Cliffs and the other is on a highly protected island in the south under the shadow of the fire mountain. They can be of any color or metal available to the Dragon Kin.

1 Required Step

  • You gazed into the fountain and became a Kobold.