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1 Wisdom Point

The Lamani are a particularly new race of humanoid animals, and no one is sure where they came from. They travel in small diverse family groups, never settling in one place for long. They are usually friendly, if sometimes a little gruff depending on their animal traits, and are always very quiet until they are comfortable with new people. They have a mysterious natural wisdom that is uniquely their own.

Lamani can choose to take the form of any of the following animal kingdoms: Wolf Cousins (i.e. wolves), Wolfcats (i.e. badger/fox), Cat Cousins (i.e. lions, tigers, panthers), Strongfeet (i.e. Rabbits/Kangaroos), Rooters (i.e. Warthogs), Massives (i.e. Elephants, Rhinos), Tree Dwellers (i.e. Squirrels), Rodent (i.e. Ratfolk), Shells (i.e. Turtles), Dragon Cousins (i.e. lizards), Caws (i.e. Crows), or Squawks (i.e. Parrots). Snakes are a forbidden option among the Lamani, as they do not wish to become confused with the cursed Gorgons.

1 Required Step

  • You gazed into the fountain and became Lamani.