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Rogue Crusade Labs

The Rogue Crusade's earliest days can be traced back to when Cap'n Jess, a gnome bard fresh out of Graphic Design School, decided she'd throw about a dozen Planner Page Designs up against an Etsy Store Wall just to "See What Happened." One thing has led to another and to yet another, and finally to the acquisition of her very own Laser in which she's finally found her art medium. (Though, Downloads are most assuredly still a thing.)

She's now pretty pleased with combining her tech-arts and coding and her love of real-life leathers, papers, and woods and her tendency to throw experiments to walls into a semi-permanent career as a Mad Scientist.

Resentful of the fact that World of Warcraft gnomes can't be both techy and a Druid, Jess is pretty passionate about making sure there are enough trees on the planet for us to keep breathing, and enough paper to keep creating. Therefor she's chosen for her 2% of Rogue Crusade Labs sales to go to One Tree Planted. You can also choose to spend your Shiny Points to plant a tree in leu of taking coupons and free loot for yourself.