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The Rogue Crusade's earliest days can be traced back to when Cap'n Jess, a gnome "Bardificer" (Bard + Artificer) fresh out of Graphic Design School, decided she'd throw about a dozen Planner Page Designs up against an Etsy Store Wall just to "See What Happened." One thing has led to another and to yet another, and finally to the acquisition of her very own Laser in which she's finally found her art medium.

(Though, Downloads are most assuredly still a thing over on Etsy.)

She's now pretty pleased with combining her tech-arts and coding and her love of real-life leathers, papers, and woods and her tendency to throw experiments to walls into a semi-permanent career as a Mad Scientist and Captain of the Rogue Crusade.

But not the F.F.S. Mutineers. Never the Mutineers. Of that particular Airship she's just a humble traveling merchant and 100% not responsible for the death of Captain Lucky. All she knows is that she was invited to be a part of the brand new Steampunk Social Club and their PR guy was carrying around the skull claiming it to be the captain. If anyone knows who did it, she's pretty sure it would be her Alchemist Cousin Jasmynn. She was there at the time, after all.

Rogue Crusade Labs (5)

Barbarian Passion Red Holstered Tinwhisle

$ 20.00

Dark Mustache Gnomish Disguise

$ 7.50

Druid Grove Green Holstered Tinwhisle

$ 20.00

Rogue's Hood Black Pocket Sized Traveler's Notebook

$ 15.00

Bard Song Blue Holstered Tinwhisle

$ 20.00