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Ms. Colbie Beaver of Shadow Creations is our Chief Dragonologist and Seamstress Extraordinaire. A West Virginia Native and Tsubasacon regular, she's full of unique creative energy and is continuously expanding her repertoire of crafty endeavors in true Gnome fashion.

She was brought aboard the Rogue Crusade when Cap'n Jess asked if she'd be interested in taking a pattern offered by the Etsy Shop @CholyKnight and making it her own, and she took the task and flew with it. Dozens of individually sewn and personalized dragons have been hatched, loved by her niece Skylar, and sent to good homes since that fateful day, and more exciting projects are in the works.

The Shapeshifting and "Unsinkable" Colbie Beaver will be showing off her cosplay skills at a variety of our upcoming Pop-Up Shop opportunities, including a reappearance aboard the airship the F.F.S. Mutineers. She's pretty sure she had nothing to do with the untimely demise of Captain Lucky, having only appeared on board quite recently. But, as you can tell from listening to her stories of growing up in Rural West Virginia, stranger things have happened. Maybe Denise knows who did it. She pays attention to that kind of thing. . . 


Shadow Creations (1)

Purebred Horned PinkiePai Adventure Dragon

$ 50.00