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Spifiltwip & Co

The lovely Ms. Jasmynn Heiskell is Cousin to the Captain and our Resident Smell-Good Alchemist. Massage Therapist by day, she's just as comfortable throwing foam-tipped spears at enemies as she is carefully concocting our various Charisma Bonuses and Journey Essentials. A quarter dwarf on her father's side, she's also well-versed in the ways of beards, though she herself remains follicly challenged.

The Rogue Crusade as a whole wouldn't be what it is today if she hadn't told Jess "I want to make soap, but I don't want to sell it. You have an Etsy store, right?"

2% of sales on products made by our Mad Scientists goes to some world-saving cause or another, and while Jasmynn is passionate about doing whatever she can to help save the planet, she's chosen the Bee Informed partnership for its educational opportunities in addition to its general mission. Her Dayton Ohana has a small army of our buzzy honey-making friends, so it just makes sense.