Alchemist's Bath

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Green Dragon Scale Robe.
Our printed kimono robes give you a lot to love when lounging around. Choose between...
$ 70.00
Naughty Gnome "Bath Tea" Bath Salts.
When it comes to things that fizz and cause explosions (in the figurative sense) of...
$ 6.00
Oatmeal Lavender Homemade Soap. Lavender Soap.
Hi there, Good Friend! Are you looking for a perfectly acceptable Fantasy Soap to add...
$ 6.00
Oatmeal Stout Homemade Soap. Beer Soap.
Hail to Thee, Brave Warrior! Are you questing for a magnificent Fantasy Soap to add...
$ 6.00
Halfling Comforts "First Breakfast" Oatmeal Scrub Bar Soap.
These rich, delightful bars are sure to please those after that smooth elven skin. We'll...
$ 5.00
Everlasting Elf Chocolate Blossom Lotion.
The rare "Chocolate Blossom" is an Elven Secret that our alchemist has managed to replicate...
$ 6.00
Everlasting Elf Body Butter Lotion.
The first round of our Alchemist's all natural body butter was so addictive that we...
$ 10.00
Dapper Dwarf Beard Care Oil.
Our beard oils are home-brewed by one of our in-house alchemists. This fine concoction was...
$ 10.00