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        This page is a placeholder for the F.F.S. Mutineers. Stay tuned for news & updates and make sure you follow the Facebook Page for all our NSFW shenanigans. 

        The Rogue Crusade is a merchant ship that occasionally lands with its sister Airship the FFS Mutineer, a Steampunk Social Club that breaks boundaries of both location and expectation. A small crew of miscreants, each is a trained assassin posing as skilled airship crewmen hired to take out a single poor unfortunate known as Captain Lucky. The job was done, sure enough, but no one is sure who did the deed, and now the entire crew is stuck having to pretend to know how to do their fake jobs and watch their backs against whoever the successful assassin was.

        The crew, wisely, refuses to name a new captain. Who would want to be captain of a crew of known cutthroat assassins that calls themselves “The Mutineers” who killed the most recent holder of the title? Instead they carry around the skull of Captain Lucky and prefer to maintain a democratic style of governance in which majority rules and no one person takes charge. When Captain Meetings are called, Lucky attends, with no less than two “spokesmen.”

        The Mutineers now sail the skies in their Octopus-styled airship, docking in order to crash other airship’s parties and pull surprise wins at Airship Games out of thin air. In the midst of our seemingly ridiculous shenanigans and complete lack of planning, we have somehow managed to take home the overall win at the International Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati two of the past three years that we’ve been an official airship. The year that we didn’t win, we likely would have placed third, but we gave our points to the #2 airship just to make the #1 ship’s win a little more interesting. Pretty sure they made a rule about that the following year. That happens to us a lot.

        Forever acting under “Rule #1: Whatever is Most Entertaining,” the Crusade and the Mutineer are very complimentary to each other, and members of each crew are frequently found aboard the other, depending on whether they want to help the Crusade’s Cause or let loose and have some fun and solve the world’s problems amongst each other.

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