Did you happen to find us on our travels and are specifically looking for the kinds of things we bring with us? Have a look to see if we've had the Digital Pixies list it online!

              We'll be starting our travels in March, with a kickoff from our home port in Gallipolis at the Cultural Festival in the City Park, which will see us off to the Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnatti! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you stay up to date! Hope to see you there, adventurers!

              The Rogue Crusade's Traveling Faire (49)

              Dapper Dwarf Beard Oil For Fantasy Fans

              $ 12.00

              Crystal Crayon For LARPers

              $ 1.20

              Journey Essentials Lip Balm For Fantasy Fans

              $ 2.80

              Charisma Bonus Roll On Perfume For Fantasy Fans

              $ 12.00

              Faerie Dragon Egg Traveler Trinket For Fantasy Fans

              $ 8.00

              Sun Elf's Garden Soap For Fantasy Fans

              $ 6.00

              Regular Fauxdori Deluxe Rogue Traveler's Notebook For Art Journals

              $ 48.00

              Regular Fauxdori Passport Rogue Traveler's Notebook For LARPers

              $ 24.00

              Journey Essentials Lotion Sticks For Fantasy Fans

              $ 8.00

              Journey Essentials Deodorant Stick For LARPers

              $ 12.00

              Regular Fauxdori Pocket Rogue Traveler's Notebook For Outdoor Adventurers

              $ 16.00

              Journey Essentials No Rinse Soap For Fantasy Fans

              $ 12.00
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