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Want to know which of our fabulous treasures are made and shipped from us personally that we're likely to have with us at festivals and conventions? Rogue Crusade Labs faire is handmade by Jess with her wondrous machines, Spifiltwip & Co Alchemy is home-brewed by Jasmynn, Shadow Creations are all hand-stitched by Colbie, and Mystic Maille is pieced together by Denise. Have a look, check our schedule, and we hope to see you somewhere in the Ohio River Valley soon!

Traveling Loot (42)

Acrylic Game Tokens

$ 5.00

Alchemical Flower Lotion Bars

$ 8.00

Bookmark Stencil

$ 3.20

Charisma Bonus Fragrance Spray

$ 10.00

Crystal Crayon

$ 1.60

Dagger Scissors

$ 13.00

Dapper Dwarf Beard Oil

$ 15.00

Deluxe Traveler's Sketchbook

$ 44.00

Deodorant Stick

$ 10.00

Dragon Scale Earrings

$ 12.00

Dry Shampoo

$ 5.00

Elven Facial Masque With Charcoal

$ 10.00

Elven Facial Masque With French Clay

$ 10.00

Enso Chainmail Bracelet

$ 15.00