It occurred to me this morning that it might be worth it to people who use the half-page planner page files to cut your letter paper in half *before* printing.

This would avoid the often cumbersome step of combining your half-page files into 2 page spreads, completely avoid having tons of paper waste by printing 100% on a letter-size sheet, and give you the convenience of our across-the-pond neighbors who have access to pre-cut A5 paper. Lucky ducks.

Why didn’t I think of this before?

Slicing a letter-sized sheet in half is super easy (especially if you have a  guillotine cutter like the one I use), and has absolutely no paper waste.

The problem with this plan is that most US printers don’t have half-page as an option under your print settings, but in most cases it’s easy enough to add a custom size.

You just have to find an option like this one wherever you select your Paper Size.



Enter 5.5 inch width & 8.5 inch height, and give it whatever margin your printer can go to. I’ve done a .12 inch margin, just for illustration purposes. Research your printer to see what your options are.



For Dori’s

You could do this for Midori-sized Pages too, for that matter. Pre-trim your paper to 8 x 9 so you have two cuts instead of 4, or order your paper custom-cut at a place like The Paper Mill Store. (more expensive, but time-saving. The choice is up to you).

Then just Manage Custom Sizes, enter an 8 inch width and a 9 inch height, use whatever margins work for your printer, and save it with a name you’ll remember.



This, at any rate, is what I’ll be doing from now on. Hope it helps you, too!

Quick Tip: If you’re planning to do a lot of bulk printing of planner pages, it’s worth considering a small duplexing laser printer like the  Brother 8250 (I have the older  Brother 4150 and love it).

Toner (made of plastic powder) is a higher up-front cost, but in most cases it is significantly cheaper per-page than ink (rich lovely liquid dyes). I’m not saying run out and buy, just that it’s worth thinking about. Do some research and see if it’s for you.


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