Still busily tinkering, but FINALLY starting to break away from site work into making new things! (New Planner Pages anyone?)

☛ Got all three packages of the Free Lined Journal up! If you’ve wanted to see how our light-grey stuff prints, or to see what our crop-marked planner page downloads look like, feel free to try before you buy. 🙂

☛ In case you missed it, we’re trying out two apparel printers in our home state of Ohio. We like the style of the girly shirts, and the unisex shirts seem magnificently basic for your everyday traveler’s clothes. And the all-over-printer appears to open up some options we didn’t have before, like shoes and hoodies (Lisa Frank trusts them, so who am I to question one of my childhood heroes, amiright?). The things from these printers are on sale right now while we test, so grab ‘em brave warrior and let us know what you think!

☛ I know this is a dot-com update, but our Etsy shop needed some love and attention. ALL of the planner page descriptions were updated, and product images were added to many for clarity. *whew* 

☛ Been sending out some test newsletters! *meep* I get nervous every time I hit send. But we’re getting a good idea of how it works now and have some cool ideas for later.

☛ Emails that come from the site when you order (like your receipt and download notification) are now all shiny & matchy-matchy! We wanted to make sure our communication was super clear, and we’d been slacking on that a bit, but it’s done now.

☛ It’s all little tweaks and nudges from here on I think, besides adding new loot. So if you run into any bugs, or anything that we could do better, PLEASE let us know in a message! ♥

☛ There’s also been some exciting real-world stuff going on that has involved “tree” trimming and shelf building and inventory gathering. We’ve been dropping Instagram hints here and there, but if you’re a Gallia resident, make sure you come out to downtown Gallipolis for First Friday to check out what’s going on surrounding the park… you might get to see a work-in-progress on the corner of Court & Third. 🙂

Sneak Peak Of Email That Comes From Us When You Order:

I know, it’s not all that exciting. Just think they’re shiny, that’s all! 🙂

All for now! Happy Questing! ♥


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