This is a question I get more than others. Enough so that one of the upcoming improvements will probably be having a front-to-back-ready file in all the Rogue Traveler downloads. In the meantime, however, I’m going to give you a quick fix that involves the fabulous free program  PDF Split & Merge.

A little backstory:

I did, initially, kind of leave my pages separated on purpose to give people the opportunity to mix and match. What I usually tell people who ask about combining pages is to either use the JPG images in a graphic program or a Word Doc, or use Acrobat Pro or  pdfsam to combine the PDFs. This makes sense for the Half-letter/A5 pages. I found that it made a little less sense for the Midori pages.

The result was that when I discovered and started working with Midoris, I included a file that is already in a 2 page spread with the downloads. The idea here was still to give people the opportunity to mix and match if they wanted.  This leaves the question “Well, what if I just want to print front & back?” Some printers will let you open the one-page file and print copies front to back. I found many don’t.

So, enter either Acrobat or PDF Split & Merge. I highly recommend  pdfsam. It’s super easy and free, works on just about any platform, and does exactly what you need without a whole lot of other bells and whistles.

*note: I did have to change my security settings on my Mac in System Preferences to allow programs downloaded from anywhere to be opened. No need to panic. Apple just doesn’t have them on their big master list in the sky.

Duplicate, Merge, Print!

First I duplicate the 2 page spread pdf file in my desktop so I have the original file and a copy.



This is one of several ways to do it on a Mac. I usually use the keyboard shortcut command-D, because I’m a keyboard-shortcut kinda girl. A right-click will probably get a similar option to this on PC.

Then I’ll use Acrobat’s combine pages feature, or  pdfsam to combine the two files into one. Split and Merge is blissfully simple. Just hit the merge button after opening to get to the following screen, drag and drop your files in, and click run.




Then you should have a shiny new file saved and ready to print front and back like you normally would. These are my usual settings for my little Brother Laser.



Then it’s just a matter of printing, trimming, binding (if I’m not being lazy), and slipping into my Dori.

Things like crop marks and having a version of the pages already front-to-back ready is most definitely at the top of my list of improvements, but until I can get to the complete-overhaul “what I know now that I didn’t know then” stage, I hope this will help.

♥ Jess

p.s. – Here’s a video we found deep within the dusty parts of the internet that shows how to do this. (It was actually our first attempt at a video. . . I promise they’ll be better soon)




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