I just ran across this gem

And that’s all it is. It tells you what glue to use to glue two things together. Simple. Easy. Hopefully effective. I’m very excited to acquire more glue. This will definitely come in handy with any sort of project from cosplay to household repair.

I have an unholy lust for adhesives. Sometimes I have as many as a dozen different kinds of glue in the house at a time. Brush on glue, glue in a squeezy bottle, epoxy that must be mixed in equal parts. In my house, we even use glue as a bandage when in a pinch. (Superglue wasn’t invented in WWII as a bandage, that’s an urban legend; that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work as one! More about super glue) It’s honestly a miracle that my fingers aren’t constantly glued together. That would certainly make my day job a little more complicated…

I like gluing things to other things. I want those things to remain glued to the things I glued them to. Sometimes that’s a problem. Here’s to you lion head planter that I got at Joann’s four years ago. The lion heads and plastic accents will not stay and I’ve tried all the adhesives… Perhaps now you lion heads have met your match muhahaha

Happy gluing!


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