So- you may have noticed that quite a lot of the planner page downloads have been (temporarily) deactivated.

Don’t fear. BEHOLD for the next 5 days as  Lady Jane the Grey rises from the ashes!

Things to Know:

MINI SIZES! Every design that’s rising from the ashes now has a specially arranged mini companion for Field Notes & Passport Doris! This was the biggest reason for Project Update. As the old guys come back, these guys will come with!

These pages will include print-ready files with 2 spreads per page with hairline crop marks to help keep your cuts straight!

I’m very excited to share these. 

Classic Gets A Face Lift

Classic Jane hasn’t changed a whole heck of a lot. Just tightening up the margins, adjusting the shade to hopefully be a happy medium between the two, and adding a file with 2 pages on one file.

If you’ve purchased the files in the past and are interested in the upgrade, send me a message  on Etsywith your order number and I’ll get you hooked up.

Skinny’s Catching Up

So, for one thing: Skinny Midori and Personal Filofax pages, like the Mini’s, will now have an exact size spread, and a spread on a Letter page (close to A4) with crop marks. And the Personal Filofax sizes got a little more attention, rather than just shrinking up the Midori pages. Every page has been lovingly combed over.

Aaaand- I had something like 25 Classic designs, and only 15 Dori designs. I’m not exactly a math whiz, but I know that don’t add up. (intentional poor grammar)

So, wherever there were gaps in the Skinny collection, there will be fresh designs. 

So Monday’s Fresh Pages were:

☛ The Bracket Day Planner
☛ The Snapshot Day Planner
☛ The Month Spread
☛ The Blog Maker Companion
☛ The Moon Planner

Watch Tomorrow For:

☛ The Week Guideline
☛ The Year Glance Check
☛ The 52 Things Checklist
☛ The 28 Things Checklist
☛ The Address Book


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