Here are a few Lady Jane the Grey pages in use and in round-ups around the web. Yay shout-outs. ♥

On YouTube

This is the My_Planner video that brought my store to light.

Rhomany is pretty awesome. Shortly after she posted this we connected on Facebook and she’s a joy to follow.

Blog Posts

It’s A Planner Thing – Includes the Lady Jane pages in this round-up. The Ruffled Peony – Several Lady Jane half-pages in action. My Marvelous Life – Includes the Lady Jane pages in a round-up. Measure Life By Books – The monthly calendar half-pages in use.


Around Instagram

More from Rhomany. We had plans to actually put this time-sorting circle graph in a page, then I think we both just got too busy.


Using sticky notes to keep organized.

Nicely dated and colored, and glued into a graph paper notebook. (quotes and big reminders are ideas for what to put in the top. 😉 )


I’m just a sucker for feather bookmarks, and it’s nice to see it with the week spread as a backdrop.


An example of mix & matching. Hope she found the right mix.




That Paladin Mom has used quite a few pages. Yay stickers. 🙂


Day 25: Festive. #plannerpartyfun

A photo posted by Kaitlin E. (@thatpaladinmom) on Nov 25, 2014 at 9:16am PST

This is super cute. I can hardly recognize it with the doodles and stickers. Love it.


These prints turned out a lovely shade of grey!


Share With Me!

These are just what I remembered being told about, and what I could find with a quick Google & Instagram search. I love seeing what people do with these grey canvases. Send me a message on Etsy to point me to your video, post or picture!


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