When you’re new to LARPing, garb can feel like a bit of a barrier to entry, as the cost of most pieces from established LARP-specific vendors like Epic Armoury, Mytholon, Calimacil, and others is considerably high, and though Wish products tend to be cheap, their sizing, quality, and shipping time makes it a gamble. 

So what’s a soon-to-be LARPer to do about their look? Sure, you could find clothes at thrift stores, department stores, Amazon, or the local supermarket, but why spend money when you might already have some useful garb on hand?

Basic Outfit #1: The Novice Adventurer

This outfit is a quick attempt at a practical, unisex outfit that won’t break the immersive atmosphere. It consists of a sturdy pair of pants, a pair of boots, and a tunic. For added effect, a cross-body purse and a scarf used as a sash provide some added color and layering. Though gi pants (the lower part of a martial arts uniform) were used for the example provided, many LARPs will accept most trousers that aren’t athletic attire  (like track pants) or blue jeans. Scrub pants tend to be a popular choice. Tunics are fairly popular in women’s fashion and make for a quick and easy top for this outfit, but peasant tops are also handy. Even men are well served by making use of a woman’s hand-me-down tunic, or making a quick stop at a supermarket or thrift shop to find one.

Basic Outfit #2: The Gentleman

This ensemble is a light attempt at a classy look that could fit into most LARPs involving Victorian/steampunk or later-era fashion. Quite simply, it’s a buttoned shirt, slacks, a blazer, and shoes to match. Most everyone has an outfit like this already, and though it is extremely simple, it doesn’t clash with more modern settings.
The only drawback though, is that the value of the garb and the practicality (or lack thereof) of the footwear may hinder your LARPing experience, and keep you more confined to maintained spaces or even indoors during inclement weather.

Basic Outfit #3: The Monk

If you’re a martial artist, or a former practitioner, you’ll likely have what you need for this outfit: A gi. For everyone else, a gi (a martial artist’s standard uniform) can be obtained through martial arts suppliers like Century Martial Arts.
This outfit is simple, comfortable, and sturdy, and will keep you considerably comfortable in most weather. It is recommended that you purchase a top and pants separately, so you may select different colors to help establish a more fashionable look. Add a sash for a bit of extra color, and a pair of simple sandals or shoes to complete the outfit.
This outfit best serves novice mages, monks, or common folk, and couples well with the use of a staff, though if your LARP allows for other martial arts implements such as pugilism, sai, tonfa, kama, or nunchaku, they will also add to the look.


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