If you live in the US, chances are, your LARP prefers the use of counted actions over physical role-play, and there’s plenty of good reasons for it, which all ultimately boil down to a matter of safety. After all, unless a LARP safeguards its players and itself by implementing strict safety guidelines, it may lose access to venues or insurance coverage, and very well may face legal trouble.

However, many LARPs have become a bit overzealous with how strict they are when it comes to role-played actions, to the point that nearly everything is done by simply stating the action, and then counting to a designated number. Why would you narrate and count when you can easily and safely perform the actual action?

Take potions, for example–some LARPs prohibit actually representing potions with glass vials or certain fluids for fear of broken glass and spilled liquids that could stain a person’s garb or otherwise cause ill effect. Thus, they limit players to carrying plastic vials and counting out their action when they wish to drink the potion they desire.
To no surprise though, small glass containers hold up fairly well to LARP-safe strikes with foam weapons, when stored inside of a semi-rigid satchel or belt pouch.  What’s more, everyone can drink water.

Sure, the potion may not look amazing if it’s not colored a certain way, but at least someone can actually go through the motions and take the time to legitimately open the container and down its contents. At the very least, doing so is far more immersive than someone mumbling, “I drink the potion one, I drink the potion two, I drink the potion three…”


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