Everyone and their brother wants to be a hero–to become famous, to get rich, or to rule is everyone’s goal, right? Why is it that no one wants to just be the best tailor or chef? We all have the power to change the norm.

Consider striving to survive, rather than striving for power or wealth. Doing so allows your role-play to be enhanced by your successes and struggles as you attempt to simply make it through life. If you are granted a title because of a selfless deed, it may seem as a far greater surprise and honor to the unwitting commoner than it would to the individual striving for even greater heights.
Besides, towns aren’t just populated by adventurer-nobles. Someone’s got to play the town baker or the local fisherman, right?

Striving to be normal is the best course of action in many cases, simply because not everyone can become wealthy nobles, and it’s probably best to be pleasantly surprised with an appointment to power, than to be disappointed by not reaching your goals. In short, set attainable goals for your character, and accept greater prices as they make themselves available. You–and your character–will likely have a better time while doing so.


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