It truly is amazing, how much fun shopping in a costume can be, and pretty much everyone does it at one point or another.

Shopping is a fantastic opportunity for role-play; you can haggle, attempt to steal an important artifact, or just buy that loaf of bread that’s on sale because it’s such a bargain. Either way, you’re killing time and not breaking character while doing it. Shopping isn’t the only thing you can do though–you can also be the merchant!

Almost every LARP welcomes its players to set up both In-Character and Out-of-Character shops, selling In-Character items and real-world props and kit pieces, respectively. These shops are treasure troves for new LARPers or folks needing to restock on equipment before heading into a mysterious crypt, they can look amazing when decorated appropriately, provide income (in-character or out) for the shopkeeper, and provide role-play for all parties involved! What’s not to love?

Take up a craft or have your character do so, or just sell off your old and unused LARP equipment, and you too can enhance the immersion of your next event!


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