When preparing to play a new character, it is important to establish what their likes and dislikes may be. It isn’t often that you’ll be asked what your favorite variety of cheese may be, but it’s handy to have such information prepared. After all, real people are sometimes asked such questions, and your character–for all intents and purposes–is a real person, right?

Although having the ability to answer rare questions effectively may prove to be nice, the more noticeable benefit is that you’ll know how to role-play your character in particular circumstances! For example, your character may be particularly afraid of the dark, and therefore regularly carries an assortment of candles or other light sources, and passes them out to their associates in the evening, ranting about how they must protect themselves.
…Or perhaps you could simply pass on that slice of cheese your character doesn’t care for.

An additional benefit is that you’ll be able to obtain appropriate props to match your character’s interests.

So how exactly do you establish your character’s likes and dislikes? To be blunt, it’s probably best to just utilize your own basic interests. That way you don’t need to keep track of potentially conflicting information. However, phobias might stem from your character’s past or superstitions, so it would help to already have their beliefs and background established.

One way or another, the more elements you hash out to detail your character, the more you’ll be able to effectively role-play and positively influence the immersive qualities of the LARP!


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