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LARP Hack: Storage Containers

Did you know that modern ammo pouches, purses, and messenger bags can make fantastic belt pouches and satchels for carrying your gear? Now you...

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LARP Hack: Closet Kit

When you’re new to LARPing, garb can feel like a bit of a barrier to entry, as the cost of most pieces from established...

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Living In-Character: Good & Evil

The concepts of what constitutes as “Good” or “Evil” are entirely subjective, and are based upon one’s perspective. After all, even the most righteous person will...

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Living In-Character: Personality Traits

Everyone has something about their personality that makes them unique, and sometimes these traits are more subtle than others. When designing your character and...

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Living In-Character: Shops

It truly is amazing, how much fun shopping in a costume can be, and pretty much everyone does it at one point or another. Shopping...

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Living In-Character: Performing Actions

If you live in the US, chances are, your LARP prefers the use of counted actions over physical role-play, and there’s plenty of good...

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Living In-Character: Realistic Character skills

Too many people focus so much of their energy on optimizing their mechanical abilities in a LARP, that they fail to flesh out their...

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Living In-Character: Portraying Commoners

Everyone and their brother wants to be a hero--to become famous, to get rich, or to rule is everyone’s goal, right? Why is it...

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Living In-Character: The Value of Character Likes & Dislikes

When preparing to play a new character, it is important to establish what their likes and dislikes may be. It isn’t often that you’ll...

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Living In-Character: Kit Props

Let’s face it, you can’t do much LARPing without some sort of props. Well...You can, but it’s far more aesthetically pleasing to use them...

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Living In-Character: Improving Aesthetics with Accessories

Just as art can be given greater detail through a few small brush strokes, so too can an outfit be given greater detail with...

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Living In-Character: Killing Downtime with Character Hobbies

Down-time can be both a godsend and a blight on a LARPer’s time at an event. During events where the weather is less than...

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Living In-Character: The Importance of Backstories

People often focus their attention on getting the perfect set of weapons or just the right outfit for a character they plan to play...

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An Ode to Halflings

Though friends come in many forms, few are found truer than the common Halfling. These often introverted individuals are known by many names--Halflings, Hobbits,...

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