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Just A Small Town Girl in a Small Con World

We've been dipping our toes in the waters of traveling for the past year, and it has been quite a lot of fun. Our...

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Captain’s Log: 8/14/19 – The New Site Edition

We do a lot of experimenting around here. Ever since the first Etsy Store, it's been all about throwing things to walls and seeing what...

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Being Forced To Take A Vacation. . .

It’s Mutiny! Mutiny I tell you! “Jess, you’re here all the time!” they say. “Jess, you should really take a break” they say. Well, they...

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July’s First Friday Shenanigans!

First Friday is almost upon us once again! June’s Shenanigan Discount was so much fun, we’re making it a regular thing! Your Quest, should you...

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$10 Replica Han Solo Blaster 3D Printing Tutorial with @JustSomeNerd

  Honorary Crew Mate, and our favorite 3D Printing Cosplayer, James Hamilton @JustSomeNerd has started his own YouTube channel! Check out this fantastic tutorial where...

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Captain’s Log; April 14 2018 12:18:45 PM

Thank you for your patience as we train our new assistant pixies! 

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Captain’s Log: February 2018

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog update. But omg it hasn’t been a while since I did a site update. In FACT...

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Dot Com Updates 6.21.17

Still busily tinkering, but FINALLY starting to break away from site work into making new things! (New Planner Pages anyone?) ☛ Got all three packages...

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FAQ: How do I print my SkinnyJane pages front-to-back? (Merge PDFs)

This is a question I get more than others. Enough so that one of the upcoming improvements will probably be having a front-to-back-ready file in...

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Photoshop 101 Tutorial: Levels For Ultimate Grey-i-tude

This is technically the Part 2 to the FAQ “My ‘Jane’ page is printing too light, what do I do?“ However, we’re going to be...

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FAQ: My “Jane” page is too light, what do I do? (Print Settings)

This is a question that has more answers than times I get asked the question. The pages were designed in greyscale so that once printed the...

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Before My Coffee Stencil Video By Nika Rouss

Artist Nika Rouss uses one of my StudioR12 designs to make a really sweet art journal video! Totes inspirational! 😀 This is one of the...

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Studio R12 Stencil Tip

The folks we get our stencils from show how to use paint with one in a journal.

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Lady Jane Inserts Used Around The Web!

Here are a few Lady Jane the Grey pages in use and in round-ups around the web. Yay shout-outs. ♥ On YouTube This is the My_Planner...

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Creating Custom Sizes for Precut Half-Page & Dori Paper

It occurred to me this morning that it might be worth it to people who use the half-page planner page files to cut your letter paper in half *before* printing. This...

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Hello world!

Welcome to The Rogue Crusade. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Hello world!

Welcome to The Rogue Crusade. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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