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a brave new world…

This entry is mostly a test, not of the emergency broadcast system, but of Jess's latest website endeavors, and I am impressed. BUT, I...

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From Hidden Icons to More Regency Alternative Fantasy Fiction

Well, the end of October has completely kicked my biscuits. Biscuits are what we call butts in preschool because it's cute. Preschool is my current...

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National Novel Writing Month Prep!

Greetings, friends, loremasters, game-players, and travelers! Next month is November. It is my least favorite month. Winter threatens in November, promising dreary grey days....

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On Giving Up on a Book

I first read The Historian, our September book, a few years after it was released in 2005. As I've discussed before, I'm a sucker for...

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Book Club Reset

Greetings tea-drinkers, book-lovers, and shenanigan-doers! As summer comes to an end and we look onward to autumn and winter and the return of sweaters,...

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Summer Reading, Had Me a Blast… #teashenanigans

July turned into another of those months for the book club. The Collapsing Empire didn’t arrive until almost the end of July. Yep, you read...

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Ray Bradbury and Beyond #teashenanigans

When making the list of books for our 2018 reading list, I knew I wanted to include Ray Bradbury. He’s one of the giants...

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A Brief History of the Napoleonic Wars #teashenanigans

A Brief History of the Napoleonic Wars Or Marcum Gets Her History On It’s not a secret that I am, at heart, an historian. It was...

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April #teashenanigans Recap

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I came away from April’s book and book club discussion convinced that libraries can be...

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Tea & Shenanigans, March 24, 2018

Last time on the blog… I wrote about the upcoming book club meeting that was to have taken place in February. It happened! But...

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2018 Tea & Shenanigans Booklist!

Hello, friends! Today I bring you, as promised, the list of books for the year! I also have a few minor bits of housekeeping...

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2-17-18 – A Wizard of Earthsea at The Rogue Crusade

The Rogue Crusade cordially invites you to join them on the afternoon of February 17, 2018 from the hours of 1 to 3 o’clock for Afternoon Tea and a Discussion of...

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Planning for the Tea & Shenanigans Book Club!

Planning is underway for the first regularly scheduled Rogue Crusade Hosted event in our tavern-ish style Game Room! Hosted by Jess Marcum, we’ll have a...

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this is a test entry

Greetings, friends, fellow nerds, food-lovers, and curious seekers! While eventually this site will be home to a plethora of food and comfortable hospitality-related content,...

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