Greetings, friends, loremasters, game-players, and travelers! Next month is November. It is my least favorite month. Winter threatens in November, promising dreary grey days. By November, most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, leaving their branches stark and bare. I think of November and I think of cold rains, early nights, and depression. I think of mud and grass that is turning brown. November is my least favorite month.

But November is also National Novel Writing Month. In 2017, over 400,000 people participated. That number includes nearly 100,000 educators and students. Nanowrimo novels have been published traditionally, from authors such as Rainbow Rowell and Marissa Meyers. That’s just two books out of hundreds that have been picked up by a book publisher.

I’ve loved to read ever since I can remember. I don’t recall a time when I didn’t enjoy it, although I do remember getting Babysitter’s Club and a few Little House on the Prairie books for Christmas one year. Those books launched me into not just enjoying books, but loving them. I remember being fascinated by the process of writing a book, with the idea that the words I read on a page came out of someone else’s head. I never jumped into writing, though, convinced that anything I would write would be terrible and so bother trying.

As an adult, I know that’s not true. I’ve written with other people. I know that I can write well, and inventively. In 2013, I thought I would give Nanowrimo a try. I failed. I tried again in 2015, and again in 2017 and 2018. I failed all of those years, as well. Each year I commit I have big intentions of winning, and every year I end up defeating myself, convinced that what I’ve written is actually terrible and I should just stop. I’m committing myself once more, and if you’ve ever thought that it would be interesting to write a novel, I invite you to join me. The closest Nanowrimo region to us is the Athens region, and I encourage you to join the Facebook group affiliated with our region and to even go to Athens for a write-in if you so choose. It should go without saying that joining the Athens Area Nanos forum on the Nanowrimo site is a given, as well.

However, I plan to hold a few write-ins in the Tavern room at The Rogue Crusade in Gallipolis, simply because I’m in Gallipolis more often. And I know more people. There’s also a chance that I’ll be in the Tavern at any time during the day, depending on job prospects and substitute teaching. There are tables, wall outlets, and wifi, along with an electric kettle and I happen to know where the coffee maker is. Chips, candy bars, and sodas are available to snack on, and there is an array of restaurants in Gallipolis to ensure that hangry doesn’t happen.

I have an idea lurking about in my head, and the rest of October will be given over to figuring out an outline and characters. By November 1, I will be ready to write. So look for me, either at the Tavern room, or online on messenger, and say hi! If we can figure something out, it’s possible that an online write-in can happen at some point in the month, which will include word sprints, inspirational messages, and just a moment of solidarity as we each wrestle with words.


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