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About The Rogue Crusade & Gnome Manor

Deep in the hills of the Ohio River Valley in a land called Appalachia, a group of extraordinary people lead ordinary lives. Graphic Designers, Draftsmen, Accountants, and Massage Therapists work day-to-day to get by in the real world.

On the inside, however, these adventurers are itching to do more. That is the crusade. It's the never-ending quest to create. To tell stories, to make things that look, sound, feel, and smell pretty. To encourage laughter and passion and creativity. To inspire. We want you to reach with us beyond the mundane into something a little more fantastic, a little more magical, a little more you.

It began with a graphic design artist who was tired of the mundane life and decided to embrace her inner gnome and hit that big red button for all it was worth. She had some designs collected from days past that were collecting dust on the digital shelf within her Macbook, and decided to lovingly repackage them and put them on Etsy as instant downloads. The response was remarkable, and the story began to develop.

She began collecting treasures and developing plans. Mighty beasts were discovered and conquered. People saw the vision and climbed aboard. Now, though we call the Ohio River home, quests and missions and plans are being formed. We're embracing our inner adventurers, and are inviting you to come along.

We have in our wares Bardic Inspiration, Druidic Alchemy, Art by Mages, and Treasures untold. Explore our wagons and find that art supply, that planner page, that shirt, that accessory, that piece of gear that speaks to you and adds to your own journey. Be who you are. Logical or Emotional, Lawful or Chaotic, Good or. . . . "Fun."

Be the hero (or heroine) of your story.





Rogue Crusade Makers & Contributors (So Far)

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Jess

Jess is owner & captain of the Rogue Crusade. She wears many hats as gnomes often do. She currently does all of the web mastering, much of the customer service and social media marketing, order processing, loot curating, and designing of a huge portion of the loot. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and background in craft industry product development and community theater, and the Crusade is her ongoing mission to bring it all together. Oh, and she’s a total nerd.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Jazi

Jazi is the acting first mate & cousin to the captain. After spending their childhoods together on the family farms exploring the woods and pretending to be magic warrior princesses, Jasmynn eventually ended up in the Dayton area where she's a Massage Therapist and frequently LARPs with her husband and chosen family. Jazi is our aroma-alchemist, developing the scent and health side of our everyday art. She also does some of the social media, curates loot, and bounces ideas. She’s long distance, but her involvement is invaluable.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Rachel

Madame Rachel, Halfling Bard, is the head of our #inspirecourage campaign. As of late she's been accompanying the captain on trips to the Artisan Shoppe & Studio hallway as support, and has begun a self-guided apprenticeship in wand making! She's a bit of a jill-of-trades, with skill points in just about every Craft: Skill you can pick up in World of Warcraft (her game of choice), from cooking to jewelry making to sewing. It's a pleasure to have hear aboard.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Jess-M

The lady Jess Marcum is a wordsmith extraordinaire, lover of libraries and literature, and has decided to grace us with her clever and witty descriptions. No stranger to the art world, we look forward to seeing the places her creativity takes her as part of the Crusade! She's begun to dabble in the world of watercolors, and has poured her XP into a beautiful set of quote bookmarks. More clever items are in the works, and we look forward to adding her goodies to the store as the moons progress.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Swords

Swords The Great And Powerful is the Swords behind Swords Photography. (His last name really is Swords. We're not making that up). A long time friend of the captain as husband to one of her sisters-by-choice, it's been an absolute pleasure to watch him progress from apprentice to master photographer, and to #inspirecourage whenever possible. He's the eye behind much of our non-mockup-ed product photography, and we're excited to start including some of his artistic shots as prints here soon.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Dustin

Mr. Beach is largely our Studio R12 representative, but has also been known to make a wand and draw a map in his many years of working with the cap'n through college and beyond. He's a loremaster knowledge sponge and has a host of stories that we say "can only happen to Mr. Beach." We're always excited to see what wondrous items his artistic whims briefly produce.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Valerie

The Lady Valerie is one of the Artisan Shoppe elves along with her daughter the Lady Kelsey. Apart from being a champion in the art of #inspirecourage, she also happens to be a master Dragon Tamer, and has captured the essence of many of the beasts she's come across. We're extremely excited to have a rare opportunity to offer her original artwork as prints right here aboard the Rogue Crusade.

Rogue Crusade Support & Honorable Mentions

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Jeremy

Jess refers to Jeremy as the “Support Ranger,” because he’s extra supportive. He’s been known to catch up customer service, take packages to the post office, work some crazy spreadsheet magic, move in gigantic desks, mount cameras to the ceiling, and any other wacky request she might have. Gnomes get gnomes, apparently, and this one shares the love of experimental adventure. A draftsman by trade with backgrounds in business and even a little accounting, he’s a lover of all kinds of games and puzzles, and will hopefully even have time to create fun loot eventually.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Kevin

Kevin is husband to Rachel, Dungeon Master, and, as he recently declared himself, "Booth Babe," using his shapeshifting abilities to add character to our outings. He is, as a matter of fact, the Dapper Dwarf- face on the label, dwarf-tested, and approved. If you see a dark-bearded man in a Kilt, or dressed as a rather convincing Satyr, or in some other meticulously crafted costume- that is very likely Kevin.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Petey

Petey is a Numbersmith by trade and a Gamer and Tailor by hobby. We keep poking at him to do the scary number stuff and he keeps sighing and obliging. He’s also amazing with a sewing machine, has a love of stained glass and ceramics, and we hope to eventually carry some of his creations as well. Until then he continues to be the inspiration for several of our gamer phrases that we come up with around the D&D table.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Jessa

Jessa is a Half Elf bard, real-life healer (nurse), and has a love of very large swords and bursting through all the doors in game play. She's been another frequent user of her #inspirecourage abilities around here, and we hope to pull her in to using her writing skills to aid us in our storytelling very soon.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Jen

Jen, one of the Captain's closest friends and advisors, is wife to Swords the Great and Powerful, and is one of the few true Humans who comes aboard the Crusade. She's purely in support capacity at the moment, but that support is absolutely invaluable.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Dave

This is Dave, Gnome Wild Mage from the Kingdom Upriver. He's a bit busy at the moment, but we hope to come back to him later. In the meantime- definitely check out the magic he has in the neighboring vessel.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Lori

This is Lori, wife of Dave the Gnome of the Kingdom Upriver. She's a bit busy at the moment- but definitely acts as support for many aboard the Crusade. We hope to come back to her later.

The Rogue Crusade A Bit About Adam

Being a gnome, Jess is usually pretty reluctant to let Kobolds aboard, but this one has been as close a friend as a kobold can be to a gnome (despite putting all the spices on the very top shelf where she couldn't reach, for which she'll never forgive him). At our recent event when the rain poured down, he used his tallness to keep a tarp over the paper goods, which garnered an apology for all the times in the future Jess will ever call him a filthy kobold, and a place in this list.