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I absolutely adore this soap. It has a wonderful masculine musk, but still smells squeaky clean.


I don’t know what magic was worked to make this spray, but it smells 100% like a campfire. The presentation is beautiful, too, with the subtle swirl of fiery glitter.

I Used It Before I Listed It

This is one of the bars I personally pulled from the shelf to use. The scent is clean and the soap is smooth. Every batch Jasmynn makes is better than the last!

I Fidget With This All The Time

Seriously though. It lives on my keys and goes with me in sometimes anxiety-inducing places, giving me a focus for my mage armor. Denise wasn't sure about these simple little trinkets, but they fit perfectly between finger and thumb and roll easily without even having to think about it.

A++ Highly recommended.

It's peeeeeeerfect

I it is exactly what I wanted. That's why I ordered it. Not surprises.

Home Brewed Soap Bricks
Wonderful Soap

The soaps I purchased feel and smell amazing!

Orc Basher Purple & Yellow Dragon Plushie Adoption For Dragon Tamers

Colbie is a master dragon tamer! He is absolutely perfect! The team worked hard getting him shipped on the airship to me! He has been promptly named, Shadow, after his tamer!

Orc Basher Purple & Yellow Dragon Plushie Adoption For Dragon Tamers
Clawlian the Terrible

Daughter Two adopted a purple dragonlette and she is a terrifying and cuddly beast. So is the dragon. Get one. They are cheaper than a tiger and pretty sweet.

Archaeologist Beard Oil For Fantasy Fans
Smells Like Adventure

Amazing manly sent (but not like, overwhelming Old Spice "manly), makes my beard less scraggly-looking. Made me want to don a fedora and go search for lost treasure.

Broken Beautiful T-Shirt For Fantasy Fans
Awesome T-Shirt

Bought as a present for my wife. Well-made, soft t-shirt. Have owned for a few years now - it has worn well and she still wears it a few times a month.

Awesome! So glad she likes it! ^_^

Book Wyrm Coffee Mug For Dragon Tamers
It's a Mug

Like my other mug, the Make Tea Not War, this was also given as a gift. Although I tend to hoard more books on my Kindle app than on my shelves these days, the sentiment is nevertheless true. I am a BookWyrm, and I am proud of it. It's an excellent container for hot beverages, and even cold ones, if the fancy strikes you. The handle does get hot in the microwave, but that danger is easily avoided by the use of a paper towel, napkin, or pot holder.

Make Tea, Not War Coffee Mug For Book Lovers
It's a Mug!

I received this as a gift, and it's one of my favorite mugs to drink tea from. It's solid and well-made, and holds heat about as well as you'd expect a ceramic mug to do. I shame the gods by heating my water in the microwave, and therein lies my only quibble with this hot drink container: the handles is a little on the thin side, so it is sometimes hard to pull my freshly-nuked water from the nuke-box. But that problem is solved by a doubled paper towel, napkin, or pot holder, so it's more of a slight inconvenience than an actual problem.