Shipping Information


We've enlisted the aid of a variety of creatures to deliver our packages both domestically and overseas. See what it takes to feed the post office beasts.


All our digital products are delivered via e-Owl, and housed by the pixies. Instant gratification for no extra dough, no matter where you live.


  • Pay The European Swallows: $0.01 - $4.99 ships for just $1!
  • Pay The Delivery Owls: $5 - $24.99 - Ships for just $5!
  • Pay The Griffin Post: Orders from $25-$99.99 ship for $8!
  • FREE DRAGON DELIVERY: US Orders over $100 qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!


  • International European Swallows: $0.01 - $4.99 ships for just $8
  • International Delivery Owls: $5 - $24.99 - Ships for just $12
  • International Griffin Post: Orders from $25-$99.99 ship for $16
  • International Dragon Delivery: Orders over $100 ship for $30

Don't hold your breath on seeing these creatures face-to-face. The wizards who bring your package from the post office to your door are pretty good at hiding them.