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No More Print On Demand.

From here on out everything we sell on our website is either going to be a digital file with instant gratification, or something we literally have in the loot room complete and ready to be shipped to you! This gives us a lot more control over the whole process, and a WAY easier shipping policy. So unless you're ordering something from RedBubble, which is on a completely different website with their own policies, everything was made by hands on our crew.

The Shipping Policy!

I Just Want A Download!
None of this applies to Printable/Downloadable things like our planner pages. We don't even collect your shipping address if all you're getting is digital products! You'll get an email separate from your order notification with a download link, and you'll be able to access your downloads from your account page at any time.

When do you ship?
Now that everything is shipped from our Loot Room in Gallipolis, Ohio, we ship stuff out Monday through Friday, doing our best to get everything out within 3 days. If we don't get it out in those 3 days we'll contact you to let you know why! 

What are your shipping rates?
Now that everything is in one place, everything is getting weighed, so no more trying to do flat rate shipping to cover shipments from a whole bunch of manufacturers! The weight of your package and your location will determine shipping costs, so you'll be paying the same discounted rates through Shopify that we pay!

What shipping services do you use?
We're currently only shipping using USPS. You can learn about the USPS services here. Other carriers will be added as we get rolling. 

Where do you ship to?
Now that we're calculating prices with USPS we feel a little better opening our shipping internationally again. So at this time we're shipping to wherever!

Do you offer tracking?
Once it's out the door it's in the USPS's hands. (May the odds be ever in both our favor!) All the USPS shipping services except First-Class Mail® offer tracking services, and you'll get an email from us when we print your shipping label. You can also use the Shop App to track your packages from us and keep up with our updates!

What About COVID?
USPS has been particularly wonky with the pandemic and other things going on in the USA this past year, but things seem to be getting somewhat back to normal and packages seem to be getting places within the usual one week timespan.

What if something gets lost?
Even without a Pandemic we're pretty open to conversations about shipping, which we've done with international packages in the past (Things were getting lost when entering Australia there for a minute, for instance). Believe you me, it frustrates us as much as you when things don't go as expected! There's not a whole lot we can do on our end besides poking at their "Lost Package" form and hoping for the best, but if a month goes by and you still don't have your loot definitely let us know and we'll do whatever we can to make it right!

Do you offer Free Shipping?
You can get FREE SHIPPING by earning and spending shiny points as part of our reward program! It costs 750 shiny points to get a free shipping coupon. Just one of the special perks you get for playing along with us in our adventure. 

What do you do to lessen the impact of online shopping on the environment?
For information on how to make your shipment carbon neutral, and how we use recycled and reused materials in our packages as much as possible, you can click here for this and other ways we try to make the world a better place as an adventuring party.

On Returns & Refunds:

If something is very wrong with your item when you receive it, including damage and incorrect sizing, here are the steps to take:

  1. Please let us know AS SOON as you get your package! Send an email to the Sailing Master at [email protected], or open a conversation with the pixies via Facebook Messenger @theroguecrusade. Send us a photo of the problem so we know what steps to take to avoid the problem in the future.

  2. When the faulty item is in our hands we will either ship out a non-faulty item, or process a refund, depending on which you prefer.

  3. We do not offer refunds on digital items, only exchanges, and we send those to you ASAHP (As Soon As Humanly Possible). 


What constitutes a faulty item:

  1. If you were sent the wrong item entirely. Humans and pixies sometimes make mistakes.

  2. If the item is damaged. This includes breaks, rips, paper wrinkles, misprints and smooshes that appear to have happened in transit or manufacturing. This is where a photo and the return are especially necessary. The gnomes aboard the ship are very serious about their problem solving.

  3. The item is the wrong size entirely. If you order a Medium and you get an Extra Small, that was a screw up on our end and we will absolutely make that right. 


What does not constitute a faulty item:

  1. Slight color differences. Every computer and tablet and phone screen is different, and there is no way to properly show the exact color on all of them. Also, a LOT of our loot is handmade from natural materials, and especially in the leather, the dyes may shift color over time since we take our photos. This is expected and is part of the charm.

  2. Expected grunge. Most of our work tends to lean toward an aged, vintage feel, and this includes cracks in the letters and distress-effects on the print. Sometimes our mockup images do not include as much of the effect as is actually present in the finished item.

  3. “My Download doesn’t print exactly like I expected.” Screen differences are one thing, when you include all the different home printers for our downloadable items that’s a whole other level of possible outcomes. We have a DIY blog for our downloads that includes articles about how to fiddle with your print settings.


Everybody Wins Scenarios are our absolute favorite.

We want nothing more than to feed the postmen, feed the manufacturers, support our community, and feed our own families, all while providing you with exactly the loot you need to make your Life Adventure more exciting, more organized, and more fun.

Besides our trained-by-us Automation Pixies, we’re all real people with stories, and we want to see everyone win. Thank you for choosing us to make your everyday life a little more fantastic.

- Jess Thompson, Sailing Master & Acting Captain of The Rogue


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