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Shipping Information

Here at the Rogue Crusade, we employ a variety of shipping methods to carry your packages to you from all the places that manufacture and hold your loot, including right here at the Rogue Crusade studio! Disguised as simple postmen, we still have to pay these super heroes to transport the items to you.

To simplify matters, we have employed five groups of creatures to represent the different levels of shipping.

  1. Pixie Delivery. This is reserved for downloadable items, and is free and instantaneous. The pixies travel through the email wires to bring a download link to your inbox, and also make sure it’s on your order information page. They do this for free because they enjoy the challenge, but occasionally they do get ahead of themselves, so if something is wrong with your download send us an email at hello@roguecrusade.com asap!

  2. The Barn Swallow. This common, yet still magical creature can carry up to, but no more than, the equivalent of a one pound coconut within the borders of the United States. Most all of our lightweight and enveloped packages can be delivered by this economical option, including stencils and most lightweight apparel. It costs roughly $1 per package to employ this Fantastic Bird.

  3. The Delivery Owl. A bit stronger and a bit swifter, the Delivery Owl is able to carry heavier, more awkward parcels all over the country. If you find yourself ordering our drinkwear, or several smaller items in one go, the Delivery Owl may be the carrier of choice. It costs roughly $5 to keep them strong and healthy. They don’t do well going through customs, but every once in a while one is able to sneak through.

  4. The Wild Griffin. A rarer beast for sure, the Griffin is strong enough to carry particularly large packages across the country, and lighter packages across borders. These creatures, while majestic, are quite difficult to tame, and it costs roughly $7 to keep them fed and happy.s

  5. Dragon Post. Able to carry large packages anywhere in the world, and smaller packages with great swiftness across the country, these are the most expensive to keep happy. Dragon post starts at $10, and may or may not go up depending on the size of the delivery, speed required, and the distance it has to travel.

Note that if your order contains items we’ve designed that come from different manufacturers, our beasties will probably be bringing you more than one package.


The Quest For Free Shipping


We have two. . . No, three ways to make the ever coveted Free Shipping option available to adventurers willing to take on the challenges.

  1. The first is to make an order over $100. If you choose to spend that much in one go with us, we are eternally grateful for your helping keep our ship afloat. We will pay any of the four creatures, including the dragons, out of our pocket. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout. This is a USA offer only.

  2. The second is with Shiny Points. All our employed creatures adore anything shiny, and will gladly trade any you have collected for a Free Shipping coupon code. These start at 300 SP to feed the European Swallow.

  3. There is actually a third thing to note, occasionally the pixies are able to bargain with the other creatures to provide shipping coupons via email. I’m not sure what charms they use, but whatever the case, it’s effective. They only do this for customers who have an account with us, as far as I’m aware.


On Returns & Refunds:


If something is very wrong with your item when you receive it, including damage and incorrect sizing, here are the steps to take:

  1. Please let us know AS SOON as you get your package! Send an email to the Sailing Master at hello@roguecrusade.com, or open a conversation with the pixies via Facebook Messenger @theroguecrusade. Send us a photo of the problem so we know what steps to take to avoid the problem in the future.

  2. We want to make returns as easy as possible. We make return labels available for download with every shippable order, and any item delivered from The Rogue Crusade Studio will include a return shipping label in the package. Just apply said label and send back to us.

  3. When the faulty item is in our hands we will either ship out a non-faulty item, or process a refund, depending on which you prefer.

  4. We do not offer refunds on digital items, only exchanges, and we send those to you ASAHP (As Soon As Humanly Possible). 

What constitutes a faulty item:

  1. If you were sent the wrong item entirely. Humans and pixies sometimes make mistakes.

  2. If the item is damaged. This includes breaks, rips, wrinkles, misprints and smooshes that appear to have happened in transit or manufacturing. This is where a photo and the return are especially necessary. The gnomes aboard the ship are very serious about their problem solving.

  3. The item is the wrong size entirely. For all our research and testing here in the Rogue Crusade studio, occasionally a manufacturer sends out a 2X that fits like a medium, and this upsets us as much as it does you. 

What does not constitute a faulty item:

  1. Slight color differences. Every computer and tablet and phone screen is different, and there is no way to properly show the exact color on all of them. 

  2. Expected grunge. Most of our work tends to lean toward an aged, vintage feel, and this includes cracks in the letters and distress-effects on the print. Sometimes our mockup images do not include as much of the effect as is actually present in the finished item.

  3. “This doesn’t print exactly like I expected.” Screen differences are one thing, when you include all the different home printers for our downloadable items that’s a whole other level of possible outcomes. We have a DIY blog for our downloads that includes articles about how to fiddle with your print settings.

Everybody Wins Scenarios are our absolute favorite. We want nothing more than to feed the postmen, feed the manufacturers, support our community, and feed our own families, all while providing you with exactly the loot you need to make your Life Adventure more exciting, more organized, and more fun. Besides our trained-by-us Automation Pixies, we’re all real people with stories, and we want to see everyone win. Thank you for choosing us to make your everyday life a little more fantastic. - Jess Thompson, Sailing Master & Acting Captain of The Rogue