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Welcome To The Back Room

This is the latest attempt at recreating the fellowship we experienced in the Back Room when we had our Port at Gallipolis on a virtual platform. Have Discord? Want Discord? Want to break away from Facebook? Come aboard, introduce yourself. A member of the crew will be with you shortly! Excuse the mess, we're still trying to work out the best way to structure this part of the ship. We're also testing the waters on a few other opportunities to hang out and play together here and elsewhere on the sea of the inerwebz.

The Zone of Truth Machine

The Habitica Guildhall

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More Detailed Introduction

We're hoping to have an overall, ongoing, RPG setting in the Realm of the Rogue Crusade, as well as side rooms for private games with the new video options Discord has to offer. Jess is still tinkering with it, but the upper decks are ready for all our favorite Adventurers to hop on and say hi!

Warning, Unruly Trolls will be mercilessly booted by the crew.

Of course, Shiny Points are still a thing, but now 10,000 times more shiny. We've finally found the perfect-for-us system to make hanging out at The Rogue Crusade and purchasing our loot a more gamified experience, including spendable Shinies, hoardable XP, and earnable Achievements. We're tinkering away at that and are excited about the possibilities.

We've also formed a Party on Habitica and it has helped a few of us get through the monotony of the mundane day-to-day in Quarantine. Jess just opened up a more public Guild Hall for our fellow adventurers, and is working it into our ongoing schedule of events. Watch for themed challenges and ongoing encouragement!

Finally, we've used Patreon in the past for our friends and fans who sometimes ask "what can we do to help," but the subscription model just didn't work out for anybody. So we're trying Ko-Fi instead. If you get involved in our Back Room Shenanigans and enjoy our non-shop content, you can buy the Crew a Butterbeer or 10 to help us on our journey.


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