Here's everything I know so far!


The show will run from November 12th - December 5th at the Greer Museum. Hanging will be on November 11th. Drop-Off times are going to be November 7th, 8th, and 9th from 3-5 PM at the Greer Museum. Call Jim Allen at 740-709-6214 with delivery issues. The reception will be on Tuesday the 26th from 5-7PM. Hanging out and catching up after is welcome and encouraged. Pick-Up will be any time in December after the 5th. I’ll share more details on that as I get them.


You MUST be a GRADUATE of the RIO GRANDE VISUAL ARTS programs past and present in order to participate. 2D Pieces MUST be READY TO HANG. Framed, wired, etc, whatever that entails for your piece. You may enter up to two pieces, and as long as there isn’t a tsunami flood of submissions, you’ll be guaranteed to have one piece accepted. I’ve created this handy-dandy non-facebook form on my website for you all to enter your submission information. PLEASE share it with people who aren’t in the group yet, and/or people who don’t have Facebook! And keep sharing the group with your friends that do!