Crystal Crayon For LARPers




These Crystal Crayons are crowd favorites. They come in a random gem shape that fits in the palm of the hand, great for kids to hold on to. Also make great props for a LARP or Cosplay character.


☛ Made with beeswax, carnauba wax, silver mica powder, and ylang-ylang essential oil.

☛ Crayons are 1 1/4 inches tip to top, and about 1 1/2 inches in diameter at the widest part.

☛ A swirl of Mica Powder gives our jewel crayons a little extra shine in the coloring!

☛ Keep out of hot cars and camp-fires to avoid unwanted melting.

☛ Can also be used as role-play props for games as color-coded jewels.

☛ Shipped from what we have on the shelves in the Studio

☛ 1-2 Business Days to prepare. 3-5 Days to ship from Appalachian Ohio.

☛ Handmade by Jess Thompson, our resident graphic designer, ship captain, and make-things-aholic with an art degree.


When not tinkering with stencils, planner pages, websites, and all the other things the cap’n tinkers with, she sometimes finds her way to the alchemy lab to brew up a bit of tactile magic. Her special blend of wax, pigment, dragon dust, and a few drops of essential oil come together to bring forth a set of crayons fit for the finest art to the smallest hands. We currently carry the basic Rogue Crusade colors and a variety of neutral colors in different shapes. We hope you enjoy the shine and color of our one-of-a-kind crayon creations as much as we enjoy the making.


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