Fierce Fighter Soap Brick




You take one from the collection on the shelf for a better sniff, and look around for more information. There’s a note card nearby scribbled in the alchemist’s own hand that says it’s made with all-natural ingredients including Coconut Oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Nut oils, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Castor Oil, and Sodium Hydroxide.

Our large bar soaps are between 5-6 oz.

The lab seems to be bubbling everywhere, with random small micro-explosions. The Gnome alchemist definitely seems a bit busy, but you notice a note nearby. ‘Concocted by a practicing Massage Therapist in Ohio, and tested first-hand by members of the crew. These bars are fantastic, traditional soaps, and should last for as long as you need them to in the bathroom.


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